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2 Reasons Your Fridge Might be Leaking – And How to Fix It

If you’ve ever journeyed to your kitchen in the middle of the night for a nightcap or a snack and realized your feet were wet, you’ve been the owner of a faulty fridge. While you may pray that it’s the result of a simple spill on the part of

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Why Two Fridges Are Better Than One

The refrigerator, followed by the freezer, is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances you will ever own. One can’t truly call a house a home of one’s own without this an amenity that can store your foods and keep them at an appropriate temperature. It’s not just a matter of

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The Perks of Hiring Appliance Repair Experts

Sometimes we learn about appliance malfunctions the hard way. Whether we come home to a sudsy laundry room or slip on a water-covered kitchen floor, it’s always, at the very least, an inconvenient realization. At worst, it’s a hazard that directly impacts our well-being. Whether your broken freezer leaks

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2 Reasons to get Your Appliances Serviced Regularly

When a fridge or freezer is malfunctioning, it can mean all kinds of trouble for both domestic spaces and places of business alike. Whether you’re a homeowner or a restauranteur, this is something that you want to avoid at all costs. When it comes to cooling devices on the fritz,

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Don’t Neglect Your Summer Appliances Just Because It’s Winter

With the winter solstice behind us, we're moving towards longer days and eventually spring. Winter can feel a bit depressing – especially if you don't get a chance to head somewhere hot for a couple weeks. Thus, as we work our way slowly towards milder, more forgiving seasons, we need

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How to Keep Warm During Winter in Toronto

19 Dec 2018 Appliance Repair, Furnace Repair No Comments

Winters in Toronto are insufferable lessons in survivalism – even in well-insulated and heated homes, flows of cold air can overwhelm outdated heating systems, easily seeping through the cracks of one’s home, compromising the temperature of the entire house. It’s important, then, to ensure you have everything under control. Here

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Stay Warm and Healthy this Winter with a Properly-Maintained Home

11 Dec 2018 Appliance Repair, Furnace Repair, Stove Repair No Comments

With winter in full force, the city of Toronto isn’t just frozen – it’s under siege by freezing temperatures, snow, ice, hail, and absurdly fast winds. The only grounding feeling beyond the walls of our homes is perhaps the weight of our comically heavy – and very much cumbersome – parkas.

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3 Ways To Get Make The Most Of Your Winter Utility Bill

30 Nov 2018 Appliance Repair, Furnace Repair, Uncategorized No Comments

With winter on the horizon, temperatures are rapidly dropping in the fair city of Toronto. It’s becoming quickly apparent that the upcoming cold season will be unrelenting in its ability to freeze the exterior of our homes. The windy, wet nights we’ve seen recently are simply a sample of what’s on

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The Benefits Of Having A Well-Heated Home

21 Nov 2018 Appliance Repair, Furnace Repair No Comments

The holidays are a hectic time of year – while we may dream of sitting cozily by a fireplace after a filling turkey dinner, it takes a lot of preparation to get to that point. So many elements have the potential of going awry when family and friends gather for a

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There’s No Need To Fret Over Broken Appliances

There are better ways to spend one’s precious free time than by trying to conduct haphazard DIY appliance repairs. No weekend should be spent trying to get your refrigerator to turn on or the central heating to actually do its job. This is especially true of precious vacation days – no

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