• we provide maintenance packages for commercial clients for all commercial cooling and freezing units
  • we also provide the same maintenance for other commercial appliances as well
  • Servicing your commercial coolers and freezers is extremely vital to the well being and flawless functionality of your coolers.
  • ¬†Maintenance ensures that the condensers within your cooling units are kept clean. Thermostats are routinely calibrated and tested to make sure they are working properly and maintaining a correct temperature at all points of the day.
  • Maintenance also ensures that any other moving parts, such as condenser fans, evaporator fans, relays and overloads compressors, freon pressures and timers etc are in proper functioning condition. Any issues that arise with any of these parts can cause devastating effects for your cooling units, and as a result, your precious products may be left to potentially contaminate.
  • We offer different types of servicing plans with varying costs, based on the type and size of units, brands, quantity of units as well as type of servicing required.
  • Toronto Refrigeration upon your servicing rate request, would send out certified and trained technicians to perform a check and cost analysis of a servicing plan, after inspecting the units which need to be added to a servicing plan.
  • Although a quarterly servicing plan does not cover costs on labour and parts for issues that become apparent during the servicing, such as broken parts etc. However, having a maintenance plan in place, better ensures that parts do not break down as often, which can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the units life span. Any potential repairs needed that are found during a servicing inspection, would be detailed out in an official quote for your approval, prior to any parts being ordered, or work being carried out.
  • Call or email us a quarterly servicing request for your business and well be sure to schedule a consultation free of charge!