At Toronto Refrigeration, we understand that your coolers and refrigerators need to be working properly at all times. When things go wrong, we’re here to help you get your coolers up and running again. Time is always of the essence when it comes to commercial cooler repair, especially when you’re dealing with perishable goods. Give us a call to help you get back to doing what matters most: making your customers happy.

Commercial Cooler Repairs service in Toronto 

When it comes to repairs, we put your needs first. We offer reliable appliance repair to help you get back to your regular work schedule right away.

On-Call Service

When you find yourself in need of quick, reliable cooler repair services near you, it’s vital you get it right away. At Toronto Refrigeration, our technicians are standing by whenever you need those repairs to help you get back on your feet immediately. We understand these emergencies can come unexpectedly, so we offer 24-hour service to answer the call when you need help most.

Quality Service

When you call for help, it’s important that you get top-quality service to help you through your situation. Toronto Refrigeration boasts years of experience handling cooler repair services in Toronto to give you the quick, professional repairs you need. We also provide repair services for other appliances, including stoves, ranges, washers, and dryers to provide convenient repairs when anything breaks down. Lastly, our technicians are friendly and helpful as they do the repair work and offer advice you can use in the future. It’s important to us that we build strong relationships with our customers so we can be there to help when you need us again.

Quick Repairs

It’s important to get commercial cooler repair services in Toronto right away when it’s needed. Your cooler deals with perishable goods, making it vital we get there to help as soon as you discover the problem. We understand delays can affect your bottom line, so it’s important we help you get back on your feet to minimize any damage to you. We offer same-day repairs to help you get back to work right away and minimize any inconvenience for you and your customers.

Wealth of Experience

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and at Toronto Refrigeration, we take pride in knowing our business. With years of experience under our belts, we can take care of your repair needs quickly and easily. If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I find quick and quality commercial cooler repairs near me?“ you can count on us. Our technicians are also certified to repair most popular brands, making it easier for us to get the job done quickly and well. You can also consult our technicians for a few quick tips to help avoid future breakdowns and get more out of your commercial and for longer.

Competitive Costs

When it comes to pricing, we like to be transparent and make things easier for you. No matter what repairs you need, we offer a fixed service charge upfront for your convenience. At Toronto Refrigeration, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective services to give you the repairs you need at an affordable price. You can also show us written quotes from the competition; our technicians will gladly match their prices to give you the lowest price.

At Toronto Refrigeration, we provide top-notch service at an affordable price. Call us now at (416) 918-2700 when you need appliance repairs; we’re here to help.