Refrigerator Repair

We at Refrigerator Repair Toronto specialize in servicing and repairing your home or commercial refrigeration unit. Our highly trained technical staff will inform you at every step of the repair process of what caused the issue and how it will be resolved.

Appliance Repair

We’re Toronto Appliance Repair Experts!

Specializing in all major models of refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, ranges, central heating & air conditioning and much, much more!

Dishwasher Repair

We provide the best and most reliable washer repair in Toronto. Our services are speedy and efficient, and since our first priority is always to help you get the most out of your machine, we do everything to keep our prices affordable – not to mention that the price we quote is the price we charge, every time!

Washer Repair

Nobody wants to have to deal with a washing machine breakdown on their own. Being able to do your laundry quickly, efficiently, and without hauling a bag of dirty clothes down to the corner Laundromat is one of the things that keeps your home running smoothly, and at Toronto Refrigeration we understand that

Freezer Repair

Whether you’re a business who relies on your freezers to keep your food safe, or a homeowner who just wants to ensure that nothing goes to waste, your freezer is important – and when it needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed fast. Toronto Refrigeration offers extensive freezer repair services to help ensure your freezer stays just as frosty as you’d like it to be, no matter what.

Stove Repair

Our Toronto Refrigeration technicians will provide the basic advanced preventative maintenance for your Stove Repair. We will perform the repair service in your home for your commercial or residential stoves. Toronto Refrigeration has the most highly qualified Stove repair technicians that will be able to provide the most efficient service following an appointment.

Cooler Repair

At Toronto Refrigeration, we understand that your coolers and refrigerators need to be working properly at all times. When things go wrong, we’re here to help you get your coolers up and running again. Time is always of the essence when it comes to commercial cooler repair, especially when you’re dealing with perishable goods. Give us a call to help you get back to doing what matters most: making your customers happy.