7 Things to Look for in a Good Contractor

7 Things to Look for in a Good Contractor

Sometimes, you just can’t do it on your own. You may think you’ve got it all together, and then all of a sudden, your fridge stops working after so many frail attempts at a DIY repair.

It’s high time to finally accept that you may need somebody else in your life to do the (broken appliance) fixing. Now comes the question: How do I find a good repair technician?

There is absolutely no need to worry because you already know you’re looking for a contractor you can rely on. You just need to re-check their qualities. After all, a good contractor:

Looks Good on Paper

Transparency is at the forefront of any business transaction. You, as a customer, expect your contractor to be dependable and trustworthy, and in turn, they expect you to pay up. That’s only fair.

A good contractor never shies out or acts defensive when you ask them for proof of their licensing and certification. The appliance technician profession is regulated in all provinces and territories, and it would be good for you to know if your contractor has the authorization and legitimacy to do business, let alone perform a job on your appliance within the confines of your premises. If they are ready to provide you with the first thing you need to know, it’s a good sign that they take their work and their reputation seriously.

While you’re at the inspection stages, ask if they have insurance, and let them show you proof. It’s a big plus for a business to have worker’s compensation insurance because you’d be guaranteed free from additional costs just in case things go awry during repair. Better safe than sorry, right?

Listens to Your Troubles

A good repair contractor knows that they’re being called because something isn’t working, and no one at home can do anything about it. So, they’re expecting you to ask a lot of questions.

Observe the technician being sent to inspect your appliance. See how they react when you tell them the details of your broken appliance’s demise, and listen to how they respond to you. Good contractors know better than to scold their prospective customers. They would rather you let out all your frustrations on the matter first, then they can tell you what the problem actually is.

You don’t have to put up with a technician who acts annoyed or makes you feel like you should be the one answering your own questions. You deserve better.

Knows What’s Up, What’s Not, and What Can Be Done

When your visiting technician is able to answer your questions and explain the complicated ins-and-outs of your cooler or your stove, that’s when you know you have the right contractor. The ones who display sufficient experience and knowledge are most certainly the ones who get hired for the repair job, simply because they know what they’re doing, and they’re good at it.

Even during the consultation and inspection phase, you can always almost tell if you’ve got a good contractor in your hands by seeing if they’ve come prepared. It’s a given that repair technicians should have tools, and even more crucial that they know how to handle and operate every single one of them. It’s brain and brawn in the works, and this should already be evident in your contractor early on.

Although customer inquiry indicates that actual, paid servicing is needed, occasionally the opposite is just the case. A good, honest contractor will tell you if there’s no problem at all, or if there’s a few things that might help you solve the problem by yourself to save you money. While it’s true they aim for business, they ultimately have your best interests at heart. Just make sure they say this after they do a thorough checkup on the appliance in question.

Respects Your Home

A clear indication of a job well done is the neatness in its results. Tip-top shape, if you say so. Even during inspections, responsible repair technicians make sure that they follow through a process of tidying up so they don’t do any damage to your appliance, your kitchen, your furniture, and your home as a whole.

During repairs, responsible technicians make sure their tools, screws, replacement parts, and whatnot aren’t all over the place. Cleanliness isn’t just an aesthetic issue; it’s a clear indication that your contractor is organized, and values hassle-free work.

Won’t Waste Your Time

Contractors who value your time know that your hours cannot be wasted waiting on them. They provide immediate feedback on your enquiry or quotation request and will tell you the truth about the project’s overall time frame.

If they anticipate a project to take longer than expected to complete, they will let you know and ask if you’re agreeable to an extension. Your money, your call. Good contractors will make adjustments to your agreement accordingly and will notify you of any more changes coming your way.

Inevitably, there are dishonest technicians who claim the same but will not give you details on what’s causing the delay. They will only get back to you once they’re done. Unfortunately, some may not get back to you at all. Good contractors aren’t afraid of owning up to time-related lapses on their part. They will make it up to you with frequent updates and customer service that makes you feel prioritized.

Builds Your Trust

Before making your decision to hire your appliance repair contractor, try checking if they have an Internet presence. Most businesses in this age won’t survive without a website or even a single social media page, so it’s best to look for them online first. Once you find their website, see if they have customer reviews, and assess feedback: positive (they’re good), negative (let’s not go there), or spam (are they even for real?). However, don’t discount negative reviews altogether. Read the company’s response (if any) to get to the bottom of the review.

If online reviews don’t cut it for you, ask your contractor if they are willing to provide references that you can contact prior to hiring them. You can always make a call and talk to an actual human being who has been through a service with your prospective contractor. After all, you’re spending money on this service, and you want to know you’re getting service that’s a bang for your buck.

If your contractor readily provides the contacts, and their reviews are generally positive, there’s just one more thing you need to make sure.

Always Has the Right Price

…And gives their in-home estimate for free, because it’s common practice to never charge your customers for something you haven’t even done yet!

Pricing is still a matter of transparency, and contractors are aware that you want the best out of the money you’re shelling out. Thorough inspection begets fair pricing. The conscientious contractor provides an itemized, detailed list of expenses (certainly including labour fees and costs of materials), and is upfront about anticipated needs for the repair that might cost you an arm and a leg.

They will also gladly provide alternatives if you can’t afford their initial estimates.

If your contractor has no deal-breakers, then you're all set!

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