Do Any of Your Home Appliances Need Servicing? Call Us!

experienced fridge repair contractor

Some of the conveniences of modern life are so baked into our daily life that they’re easy to take for granted. We seldom think about how much simpler it is to keep food fresh or maintain a comfortable indoor temperature inside our home thanks to modern appliances, but this all changes the second one of them stops working properly!

When the machines that make our lives so easy begin to falter, suddenly we appreciate their real worth. It can be disruptive to the home, and beyond comfort sometimes home appliances are a medical requirement. If you need to get any of the appliances in your home serviced for inspections or repairs, call Toronto’s most trusted name in appliance repair since 2004 — Toronto Refrigeration can get all your machines working in tip top shape. Here’s how we do it.

Always One Low Price

Sometimes people get quoted for a job at one rate, but then there’s a considerably higher price when the bill finally arrives. Sometimes this is just a scam and the intention was deliberate. But assuming it was an honest mistake, perhaps there was miscommunication and the initial quote reflected a different diagnosis of the problem.

Either way, Toronto Refrigeration always charges one low fixed-price, so you’ll never be surprised when you see the final total. This lets you feel confident through the entire repair process, as you’ll never wonder for even a moment if you were over-charged.

You’ll never have to fear that the job is too involved or time-consuming. No matter what, it’ll always cost $39.95.

Same-Day Service

Imagine a scenario where you wake up in the middle of a hot summer night, sweating. You come downstairs to get some cold water, only to see the fridge is leaking. Who are you going to call?

Toronto Refrigeration is the experienced fridge repair contractor that takes calls 24/7, and also provides same-day service. We understand that it’s hard to feel like a home is running properly when a major home appliance is out of order, and it’s our goal to restore order right away.

If you have seniors, pets or children convalescing in your home, the ability to keep your house cool might be more than just a luxury.

Trained Experts

Of course, our low fixed price and our quick response don’t mean much unless the technicians are factory-trained and highly experienced. All our technicians are properly licensed and accredited professionals who can get any appliance from all the major brands repaired quickly.

We repair a range of home appliances, including: fridges and freezers, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, garbage disposals, and more. If any home appliance is either working improperly or could use an inspection, call Toronto Refrigeration to get the best eyes on it.

Modern life can be wonderfully convenient, so long as everything works properly. From the downtown core to across the GTA, Toronto Refrigeration has been your go-to home appliance repair pros for fifteen years. Don’t hesitate to get more information on repairing appliances here or give us a call at 416-918-2700. Toronto Refrigeration is here to make sure that all the equipment inside your home works properly, so that life in modern times is as easy as it’s supposed to be.