Treat Your A/C Unit Like Gold this Winter with These Tips

Treat Your A/C Unit Like Gold this Winter with These Tips

Toronto Refrigeration is here for all your home appliance repair needs, but you can prevent your air conditioner from breaking down in the first place by taking a few steps to keep it in good shape when the weather gets cold. Make sure to be prepared for spring with these air conditioner maintenance tips that are easy to follow, and your home will be nice and chilled when outdoor temperatures start rising again.

These tips should be considered basic preventative maintenance for machines that are in good working order, but never repair any HVAC equipment on your own. It could be dangerous, or you could potentially void a warranty, so always call an experienced appliance repair company when you need to fix a broken machine.

1.    Clean and Clear the Area Surrounding Your A/C

The outdoor fan for your air conditioner will see a build up over time of things like leaves, dirt, twigs, and more. Keep the area around your outdoor fans clear.

2.    Turn Your A/C Off for Winter

Your A/C could be damaged if the system turns on during a warm winter day, because it could produce condensation which freezes. For this reason, turn the power off on your central air conditioning unit during the winter months.

Shut the power off on your circuit breaker if you have a dedicated circuit, or look for the disconnect box or panel near your outdoor A/C unit and make sure it’s turned “off.”

3.    Protect Your A/C from the Elements

Guard the top part of the fan of your A/C unit with a protective cover so natural detritus doesn’t creep inside. You want to keep the machine clean, because the air running through it circulates throughout your home. Covers also keep falling tree limbs, icicles and other hazards from damaging the machine.

There are air conditioner covers you can buy, or secure a tarp over top the machine. Make sure it’s fastened by placing something heavy over top like a brick or a piece of plywood.

4.    Keep a Clear Buffer Zone

Don’t just keep the outdoor fan of your A/C unit protected; you should clean the area surrounding it to prevent debris from getting inside. The airflow will be better and less clogged.

Plus, if you need to get it serviced there’ll be full and easy access for the technicians.

5.    Clean the A/C Unit

Part of your autumn maintenance routine should include washing your equipment before the temperature really drops. Keep the debris from getting in, but if it already has, wash it out.

As always, make sure the power is off before washing the machine!

6.    Bring Your Indoor A/C Unit Inside

You can protect your window A/C unit from the cold weather and prevent the chilly winter air from getting in by bringing the machine inside for a few months.

Alternatively, you can also cover the machine. Both of these approaches should help keep the winter cold outside and help your A/C unit live longer.

Call on Toronto’s most trusted name in refrigerator repair and other home appliances when you need your A/C fixed, but remembering to take these preventative steps will help keep the machine in good working order in the first place. Treat your A/C unit like gold, and your home will be nice and cool come spring.