How to Pamper Your A/C Unit with These Maintenance Tips

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It’s important to take care of the big-ticket items you own that play a vital role in your home — if you’ve ever had your A/C stop working on one of those stunningly hot summer days, you don’t need to be told how much it matters. Air conditioners make the home comfortable when the weather outside is unbearable, and this becomes especially important if you have children, pets, or seniors living in your home.

Beyond comfort, we rely on our air conditioners to make indoors temperatures safe, something only becoming more important as climate change makes temperatures rise evermore. If you need reliable appliance repair services because your A/C unit is seriously malfunctioning, then call Toronto Refrigeration — we do expert-quality, same-day repairs on air conditioners and other major appliances.

But here are a few maintenance tips you can try on your own to keep your machine running in optimal condition.

Clean the Filters

Cleaning your filter is perhaps the simplest thing you can do to keep your A/C working in tip-top shape, but it’s effective. First, make sure your A/C uses filters that are meant to be cleaned, rather than disposable ones meant to be replaced.

Turn the air conditioner off, and don’t turn it on again until the filter has been cleaned and reinserted. Locating the filter isn’t hard, but it’s different for central air conditioning versus in window-mounted or wall-mounted air conditioner units.

Using the tube extension of your vacuum, you can gently suck up the grit and dust that’s been clogging your filter. It may not look noticeably different depending on how long it’s been since it was last cleaned, but it’s being improved.

If after this step it still needs more cleaning, place the filter in a sink, tub, or any vessel wide enough to accommodate it and fill it up with warm water with vinegar. The ratio should be one to one — for example, five cups vinegar and five cups water.

Leave it submerged for between one to two hours. Dry the filter afterwards, and then put it back in your A/C unit. Do this at least once a year.

Clean the Area Surrounding the A/C Unit

If you have central air, outside debris near the unit can get inside the machine and clog it up. It’s a good idea to sweep away things like dead leaves before they obstruct your equipment.

Clean your A/C unit pro-actively, by cleaning the surrounding area before you detect any problem. Give at least 2 to 3 feet of clearance around the A/C unit, so it gets adequate airflow.

Straighten the Fins

The fins are the metal parts of your air-conditioner that help to keep foreign objects from getting inside your A/C unit. Sometimes they get bent out of shape, which can reduce the air-flow and therefore reduce the A/C’s efficiency.

If you’re very careful, you can bend them back into shape with a butter knife, but there is also a tool specifically designed for this purpose called a fin-straightening tool. You don’t want to damage the fins, so tread lightly. If you’re at all uncomfortable taking this step, don’t do it.

While a DIY attitude is a commendable thing, if you have serious problems beyond your expertise, you don’t want to make them worse — look no further for GTA refrigerator repair and for all types and major brands of air conditioners, too.