Heat Source: Wood Burning Furnaces & Old School Stoves

In the Canadian winter, it’s all about the heat. Whether you pass the winter in a historic, cottage-like house near Lake Ontario, or reside in one of the towering condos in City Place and King West Village, staying warm is of the utmost importance in the cold, frigid months. When your furnace breaks, Toronto Refrigeration should be your first phone call – heating system repairs is one of our specialties. While you may love your modern, energy efficient furnace or sleek new electric stove, we’ve noticed over the years that many homes benefit from backup wood burning furnaces and vintage gas ovens. Not only do these appliances add a certain nostalgic charm to your space, they are also straightforward and functional, rarely breaking.

While there are still a few rare examples of houses that are fully heated by wood burning furnaces in Toronto (mostly in very old cottage style houses in the beaches area), obviously most households rely on a modern furnace. If you move into a new house with a wood burning furnace, however, don’t remove it without thinking twice! On cozy winter mornings it can be very satisfying to light a fire. Furthermore, when you spread the job of heating your home across a couple different appliances, it saves energy overall. With a wood furnace as well, the heat actually permeates into structure of the house, heating it from the inside out.

Because a wood burning furnace is such a straightforward tool, it rarely experiences technical difficulties. Depending on what furnace (gas or electric) you buy, it could be finicky and break down often. In the undesirable situation that your primary furnace should crash, it’s always good to have a backup. Plus, if you have kids, they may take an interest in the fact that the wood is acting as fuel, leading them to an interest or curiosity in energy resources – heat, after all, isn’t simply created out of thin air by pushing a button, and children should understand this. If your furnace does crash, call us immediately – we fix all major appliances and are available year round.

To switch to the topic of stoves, but in the same vein, we’ve noticed that many vintage stoves work much more efficiently that modern ones. You could make an argument for the fact that a restored oven was built in a time where appliances were considered less disposable. Usually stoves from the post-war era are made of cast iron, they’re incredibly well insulated and often have a shelf that slides out if you need extra room. There are many advantages to convection ovens, especially ones with the self-cleaning function, but if you are interested in a more rustic vibe and a hands on approach, consider a refurbished classic. The trend has caught on lately and a quick search should reveal retailers who offer these products.

So whether you love modern convenience, nostalgic chic or a blend of both, we can offer suggestions and support. Give us a call for more information!