Winterize Your Home Appliances with These Tips

Winterize Your Home Appliances with These Tips

What are you doing to keep your home appliances in good shape when winter rolls around? Like with all things, your appliances will have a longer life and perform better when you take proactive steps to keep them in good working condition.

Canada’s dark and cold winter months can be a bit of a downer sometimes, but it doesn’t have to affect the appliances in your home which you rely on. Here are some straightforward tips from Toronto’s source for air conditioner repair about how to prevent the cold season from harming your home appliances, so they’ll work perfectly in the spring.

Winterizing Your A/C Unit

If you have central air, the fans outside were designed to withstand adverse weather. The point of this maintenance is to keep the machine clean, so it functions as well as possible.

Pick a clear, brisk fall day to begin work. First, remove any droppings from nature such as leaves, twigs or grass clippings. Wash the machine with a hose to rinse of whatever gunk and dust has accumulated, and then let the machine dry.

Cut the power supply to the unit by flipping the switch on the electrical circuit to ensure the unit stays turned off all season. If your A/C unit should turn on during a particularly warm winter day, the system will produce water which is liable to freeze overnight and damage the unit.

To protect any pipes from freezing, insulate them with tubular foam or rubber. Protect the HVAC unit with a waterproof cover, and tie it down with bungee cords, or even weigh it down with something heavy on it. This ensures that the cover remains on all winter and won’t fly off during a storm.

Taking proactive measures to protect your A/C is important, and it’s easy. Make this a part of your fall routine and you’ll be nice and cool when the sun returns in the spring and summer.

Fridge Maintenance for Winter

No surprise that the Toronto refrigerator repair experts have tips to make sure your fridge is winter-ready. Do you have a fridge that you keep in an unheated garage?

If your fridge is exposed to weather that’s below minus 10, it can damage the appliance. Fridges and freezers are designed to remove heat and to keep the cold air inside a box — if the ambient temperature is colder than the temperature inside the fridge and freezer, the temperature of the outside air will make its way inside the appliance.

When exposed to that kind of cold, a fridge would need to produce heat in order to keep their inside temperature what it’s supposed to be, and that’s something the appliance is not designed to do. Keep this in mind if you plan to store food in the freezer over the winter in an unheated garage, because the food could thaw if the oscillating outdoor temperatures make the compression and expansion cycle off kilter.

It’s a good idea to take care of all equipment, especially when it’s expensive and plays a large role in your home. If you have any questions about Toronto Refrigeration’s services, make sure to call before it’s too late at 416-918-2700. We always deliver fast, reliable, expert services for all your home appliance needs, whether it’s winter, spring summer or fall.