Winter Checklist For A Smooth Transition

With winter upon us, there are several important things to consider with regards to your home appliances – not just for the typical heating appliances, but for all of them. When winter creeps in, you need to think of a full dynamic shift in your home’s life from one mode to another. In past centuries, the change of season marked massive changes for settlers in North America, so the least you can do is shut down or store your A/C properly and make sure that you change the filter on your furnace. It’s easy to take your appliances for granted when they’re all working properly, but when they suddenly fail to comply, we always freak out. Fortunately, humans can learn from their mistakes, so make sure you’re showing your appliances some TLC and keep your local appliance repair company in mind for when things really go south.

Before we get into the obvious topics of heating and cooking (humanity’s preferred winter activities), let’s talk about your air-conditioner. Once the last heat wave of the summer comes to a close, you may just shut off your A/C and forget about it, but after all it’s done for you (keeping you cool while you sleep, for instance), you owe it a little more than that. If you have a window unit, be sure to give it a good cleaning – including the filter – wrap it in something soft and store it somewhere dry for the winter. If you have an outdoor unit that connects to central air, then make sure you remove the debris and cover it to prevent dirt buildup and rust. If you’re to busy to perform this task, our appliance repair experts will happily come by and take care of it!

Second up, let’s talk heating. When it gets cold out, the heater comes on, but make sure that you’re not just leaving it on thoughtlessly and overheating your house on warm November days. Climate change has created an atmosphere where sunny warmth tends to linger, so be sure to pop your heater off and let your home warm naturally on those sunny, early winter days.

If you’ve moved any furniture around throughout the summer, it may be blocking hitting vents. A bit of rearranging can go a long way towards increasing the flow of heat. Furthermore, make sure that you’re keeping the filter clean on your furnace – this will increase its efficiency greatly and help you keep your heating bill reasonable. If your old clunky unit is limping through the winter it may be time to put it out of its misery and buy a new, energy-efficient furnace. These furnaces can save you money and have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Finally, let’s talk about the oven: the superstar of the winter months and your partner in keeping the family happy and fed. If your oven goes down on a big holiday, our technicians will come by and fix it – we offer our services 24/7 with no exceptions so that you’re not left with a thawed out turkey and no method of cooking it! Do what you can to keep that stove clean, and if it just won’t turn on, give us a ring.

Over the years we’ve established a reputation as Toronto’s most reliable appliance repair company; if you’re not sold, check out these reviews and ask around! We provide expert service at an affordable price to get you through all seasons in comfort – without breaking the bank.