All the Ways We Keep Your Business Cool

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Peak summer has never been hotter — climate change is making cold places warm and hot places hotter. If you’re running a business, keeping it all cool isn’t only a matter of comfort: your appliances need to work properly, or else your business could suffer.

For example, restaurant customers expect a reprieve from the heat, and of course, your fridge and freezer need to be in perfect working order to ensure your food keeps fresh. For many businesses, having working appliances is a necessity.

Toronto Refrigeration is here to be your long-term partners, so you know that your appliances will always be working, and you know who to call should you ever run into an issue. If you operate within Toronto or anywhere across the GTA, here are all the ways that we can keep your business running cool.

Expert Repairs

Toronto Refrigeration offers professional air conditioner maintenance by only the most experienced and certified technicians. We repair all major brands of a wide range of appliances, from washers and dryers, ranges, stoves, fridges, freezers, and of course air conditioners. 

For each job, Toronto Refrigeration only uses high-grade, brand new parts. We always seek to exceed your expectations rather than make a quick sale. We never take for granted that our customers let us inside their homes and businesses and in addition to performing expert repairs on their malfunctioning appliances we strive to demonstrate courtesy, integrity and good manners while on the job.

Same-Day Service, 24/7

Nobody wants to be without a working air conditioner, fridge, or other major appliances, but many businesses are wholly reliant on these things functioning — you can’t afford to have your business disrupted for even a day just because a major appliance suddenly stops working.

The minute you notice there’s a problem call us right away because we can solve your commercial cooler repair problems that same day. It’s easy to understand how something like a broken freezer or fridge can make it impossible for a restaurant to run, but even if you’re running a retail store on a hot day, customers are liable to exit sooner if the air conditioning isn’t working. 

Clearly, you need to get your appliances working before your business is interrupted any further. It doesn’t matter whether it is noon or night, time is of the essence and Toronto Refrigeration will be there!

No Price-Changing, Always One Low Price

Toronto Refrigeration charges the same low fee for every job, no matter how involved, time-consuming or complex it ends up being. This means that you’ll never be in suspense waiting to hear what the final cost is.

If your business needs to get an appliance fixed, it’ll always cost $39.95, and that will never change. There’s a value in having predictability for your business so that you can keep a tight leash on your budget and know what it will be in advance. Toronto Refrigeration makes it easy, by only ever charging one fee.

Your business needs to operate smoothly every day, and part of that is making sure that the equipment you rely on works properly. As the weather changes and temperatures continue to rise, having an established relationship with a professional appliance repair company that fix your A/C, fridges and freezers only become more important. You can call us to learn more or make an appointment with us today — dial 416-918-2700.