We Can Rescue Your Holiday Party If Your Stove Or Oven Isn’t Working

So it’s your first time making a massive holiday dinner for your extended family—no more heading to Grandma’s place, or leaving everything to your Mom. You’ve got the hand-me-down family recipes tacked to the fridge, the herbs and spices lined up on the counter, and all the seasonal vegetables peeled and washed. It’s the morning of the big day, and you’re ready to get cooking (quite literally!) when the unthinkable happens—your oven or stovetop won’t turn on. So what do you do? Cancel Christmas or Hanukah, your annual get-together or party with the people you love? Order pizza, Chinese food? No way!

With Toronto Refrigeration, you don’t have to cancel the big feast or the sumptuous hors d’oeuvres for your party! With our fast, same-day service and capable and knowledgeable repair teams, you can have your stove and oven returned to working order before it’s too late. We’re available 24/7 to answer our phones and help you deal with any malfunctioning appliances, and we offer holiday, weekend, and after-hour service to get your appliances back together. We’ll give you an honest repair quote up front, preventing any nasty surprises after we’re finished. We’ve been offering this kind of fair-minded service for 14 years, so let us become your go-to resource for appliance repair (a new holiday tradition that we’ll be happy to provide)!

Most of the time, when stovetop elements aren’t turning on—or aren’t shutting off—there’s a simple and easily fixed problem with internal wires, connectors, control board, and switches. It often means you don’t have to replace the entire element, let alone the entire oven. But you likely don’t have the time or the advanced training (and equipment) to be fooling around with internal electrical systems, especially if you’re not an electrician and you’re already preparing (and stressed) for a big party. Leave the complex work to us, and know that when it comes to household appliances, we know what we’re doing!

Now, if you’re reading this several weeks in advance, you’ve got the opportunity to check your oven’s strength by running the self-clean function, which raises the temperature to super-hot levels. Often ovens break down or refuse to keep up the heat after such strain, so do this now, rather than the night before the big dinner, to avoid disappointments. Keep things energy-efficient by using a bright bulb to watch your cooking food instead of opening the door (making your oven work harder to keep things warm), and while you’re at it, make sure the oven door closes properly—you might want to test the latch to make sure you’re not leaking heat. You can go easy on your oven by also cooking multiple dishes at once (so long as there’s room for air to flow between them) and by keeping your oven clean, generally. Use drip pans and make sure excess grease and food are cleared away for optimal efficiency.

You can have the holiday party or dinner of your dreams, regardless of minor malfunction, so long as you keep Toronto Refrigeration in mind if things do indeed require a tune-up. We’ll get things in working order in no time. Just remember, though—no matter how helpful our repair specialist is, we can’t help you with your cooking!