Why Your Washing Machine is Under the Weather

Can you imagine life without your washing machine? What little spare time that you have in between work and family obligations would be spent cleaning your clothes. Take your pick of ancient cleaning methods, whether by pounding your linens against rocks or rubbing them against a scrub board. Perhaps you’d prefer a rotary washing machine to nature’s stones. Whichever you choose would take a lot of time and some serious muscle.

Thankfully, we live in the modern age of automated laundry machines. Efficient in both time and energy, these appliances have been fine-tuned to complete a wash cycle in as little as 30 minutes! And the only muscle you have to flex is the single finger it takes to press ‘on’. Convenience is the major advantage that the modern washing machine affords – but only if it’s working properly.

Sophisticated though your Energy Star front-loading washing machine is, it can see its fair share of trouble. There are plenty of reasons why your machine isn’t acting the way it should, and as the GTA’s premiere appliance repair service, we’ve seen and repaired everything that can go wrong with washers – front or top loading! Due to their complexity, they have more opportunities for errors than the simple rock method. More often than not, it’s the same issues that compel our clients to call our technicians. Whatever it is that made you dial our number, we’ll be there, ready to provide same day washer repairs to get your washing machine back to normal.

While you wait for one of our appliance repair technicians to arrive at your door, we’ve compiled a convenient list of the most common problems befalling the average washing machine. Maybe you’ll see the issue causing your frustrations on the list. Or maybe not! But don’t worry; whether your issue is common or rare, our technicians will have the answer.

Machine Doesn’t Drain

In this scenario, you won’t know you have a problem on your hands until you’ve already started a wash cycle. All goes well until it’s time for the basin to drain the dirty water in preparation for the first rinse cycle. The only problem is that the drum won’t drain, leaving your laundry to float in the dirty and soapy water indefinitely until you find a solution. Though frustrating, this doesn’t require invasive repairs. It’s usually caused by a blockage in a drain hose or pump. Our technicians can remove the clog and have your basin draining like normal in no time flat.

We don’t recommend attempting to fix this on your own, however, as it requires lifting the washer and accessing the internal hoses – both of which require special techniques and experience. In rare cases, it’s not a clog causing the problem, but a faulty pump that needs replacing. In which case, it’s better left to the professionals.

Loud Wash Cycle

The latest high-efficiency washers are nearly silent when in use. Older models will naturally make more noise, but no washing machine should be making thunderous banging noises as it goes through a cycle. Though these loud thumps can be disconcerting, they stem from a fairly benign and easy to fix problem. In fact, it’s simple enough that we encourage DIY!

A noisy washing machine is most likely caused by an unbalanced machine. This can be caused by unstable feet, uneven flooring, or an unbalanced load of heavy fabrics. Thick fabrics saturated in water can throw its weight around in a violent fashion, causing the noise and vibration. If left long enough, it can damage the drum, so be sure to distribute your laundry evenly during every load. If it’s not the clothing, than it could be the machine itself. Before you make a diagnostics check, unplug the machine. Then, with a partner, lift the machine to see if all four of its feet (or legs) are positioned to the same height. While the washer is still lifted, check to see if the floor where it’s positioned is flat.

Of course, plenty of more things can go wrong with your washing machine. While these are two of our most common reasons behind our service calls, our appliance repair technicians can service any kind of washing machine experiencing any kind of problem. You only have to call and you’ll experience for yourself just how quickly and efficiently they’ll have your washer back to normal. So put down your scrub board and hold off your imaginings of living without the appliance. With our expert help, your washing machine will live to see another day.