Toronto Refrigeration’s Guide To A Cleaner Kitchen

Cleanliness, so they say, is next to godliness, and although we’re at a loss for what exactly this means, we certainly believe that cleanliness is extremely important. It’s nice to keep your space clean in general because it promotes a healthy state of mind. When your home and your personal space are clean, it’s easier to think clearly and generate positive thinking. If you’re single and trying to impress a prospective partner, you don’t want to come off as a slob and if you’re married you’re probably at the point in your life where living in a pig-sty is no longer acceptable.

Additionally, often a buildup of dirt and dust can cause appliances to break. If you need to repair an appliance in Toronto because of a buildup of dirt and dust – or any other reason for that matter – you can always call us up and we’ll be right there. Here are a few tips – a gift from us to you – to help you maintain a cleaner kitchen and keep the fridge doctor (that’s us) away:

Clean Your Sink — Most people think that just because you’re constantly doing dishes in the sink, the dish soap will naturally clean it, but this is not the case. Over time a thick film builds up that you’ll need CLR or a similar product to get rid of. Also, certain individuals – I’m looking at you bachelors – will pour bacon grease or coffee grinds down the sink without thinking twice, which will inevitably lead to paying a plumber or infuriating your landlord. Use the stink strainer and compost the gunk that gets stuck in there, it’s the right thing to do.

Hot Soapy Water — Whenever you finish doing the dishes, get into the habit of mixing a bit of soap with piping hot water and wiping down all the surfaces in the kitchen. The top of the stove can get a bit grimy at times, and it’s nice to see the counter-top and table-top gleaming and clean when your meal and your dishes are done.

Swiffer Regularly —  Sweeping and mopping your floor is something you’ll want to do every so often, but swiffering is definitely something you can do every week. It only takes a few minutes and it’s oddly satisfying. Keeping the floors clean is a bit of an obsession here at Toronto Refrigeration – possibly because we’ve noticed a correlation between dusty, dirty floors and common appliance malfunctions.

Take Out the Trash More Often in the Summer – Especially since we’re in the heart of summer, it’s important to strategically get the trash out of your house as quickly as possible. Try using smaller trash bags to avoid that hot garbage smell that is all too common. Also remember: we’re always happy to stop by and fix a broken air conditioner If it’s sweltering and your HVAC is malfunctioning. A broken air conditioner will certainly accentuate that smell.

1/2 Vinegar Ice cubes: This final – and ingenuous – tip involves freezing a half-water half-vinegar solution and tossing it down the garbage disposal. This will clean out the disposal system nicely so that you can continue to rely on it for hassle free convenience!

That’s it for this edition of kitchen cleaning tips. Happy summer and stay tuned for more!