Toronto Refrigeration’s Common Sense Recap

For all of you out there who read our blog, hopefully you’ve picked up some indispensable tips and tricks over the years for getting the most out of your appliances and avoiding catastrophes. Lately we’ve been focusing a lot on ovens and furnaces, but we thought we’d take a chance this month to recap some basic common sense tips pertaining to all some of the other appliances in your household. Toronto Refrigeration appliance repair services has a great deal of experience working with every type of major home appliance, and we trust you’ll appreciate our service and expertise.

Common Sense for Washer/ Dryer:

First and foremost, as we’ve said before and as we’ll say again, always make sure to clean out the lint trap in your dryer. It can be an incredibly dangerous fire hazard – especially in the winter with the heat up high. Additionally, check the screen to be sure that rodents such as rats, mice or squirrels are not burrowing into your home. The last thing you want is to be shacked up with furry critters for the winter! An important tip that most people do not recognize is that overloading your washer with clothes is counterintuitive. You may think that you’re saving energy, but really you are overtaxing your appliance for no reason and may end up with a broken washing machine. So separate your whites and darks and do smaller loads; your washing machine will thank you and so will your clothes!

Common Sense for Your Fridge:

As appliance repair experts who really care, we can’t stress the importance of vacuuming your refrigerators coils enough. Your coils are the driving force keeping your fridge cool, the cleaner they are the better they can do their job. You can locate the coils by popping off the grill at the base of your fridge, or, if the coils are around back, you’ll have to pull it out. As a bonus though, you’ll get a rare chance to vacuum underneath! A lot of the time when we get called up to fix a fridge it is just a simple matter of cleaning off the coils, the more you do it yourself, the less you’ll need our help. In the winter, with all those leftover soups and stews being stored in there, it can get a bit smelly and messy too, so make sure to clean your fridge regularly to avoid gross fridge syndrome.

Common Sense A/C:

Okay, okay, so air-conditioning is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind this time of year, however, it’s worth mentioning one quick point to keep in mind. Depending on where your window unit is stored, it could absorb lots of dust, mold or even mouse droppings throughout the fall and winter. Thus, it is always prudent to vacuum out and clean your A/C to the best of your ability come spring. Ideally, you can store the appliance in a clean space, but let’s be honest – most storage closets are a bit of a mess.

Contact us anytime if you require assistance this winter, our friendly, experienced technicians are available to service your appliances at extremely affordable rates!