A Toronto Refrigeration Guide To The Least Reliable Appliances

These days, appliances are far more advanced and sophisticated than the standbys of yesteryear. Electronic displays, automated settings, advanced sensors, touch screens, and other innovations mean ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, freezers, and other household aides have become high-tech. And with dazzling technologies come sky-high prices — if you haven’t been out shopping for a new appliance in some time, your jaw might hit the floor when you see how expensive some of these sleek new units can be.

The popular belief that “they” don’t make appliances like they used to is true, to some degree. Appliance repair companies like ours are busier than ever, out servicing homes across Toronto and the GTA on a never-ending series of repair calls. Many leading brands are well aware of the design flaws in their machines, but still have the gall to charge you for their repairs. Leaking fridges with plugged drains, oven ranges with electrical shortages, and countless other problems sometimes seem like built-in malfunctions — for example, there’s currently a class action lawsuit against Samsung for what seems like a pre-programmed error. Design flaws are well known by manufacturers, but they aren’t eager to extend their warranties to cover them.

According to the Consumer Reports Annual Product Reliability Survey (administered by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, which polled 950,000 readers and covered 2.5 million different appliances), brands like Jenn-Air, Dacor, Thermador, and Viking sell the “least reliable” cooking appliances on the market. A third of Viking gas ranges require repairs or have encountered an “un-repairable” problem. In the world of refrigerators, apparently doesn’t give a good return for its investment: twenty-four percent of these pricy units have required a repair in the last few years. Among all possible appliances, side-by-side refrigerators that come with icemakers are prone to breakdowns far more often than other forms of the same unit.

Some units cost more, but last longer, while other units outmatch their more expensive counterparts but cost much less. It all depends on the type of appliance. Electric single ovens, while much less sophisticated than double, are much more reliable. Electric ranges outmatch gas-fueled ranges by far. The more options you add to a dishwasher, the more likely it will fail. Refrigerators with freezers on the bottom conk out almost as often as the side-by-side arrangement.

No matter what your frustrating appliance conundrum, our highly trained repair people are capable of solving it. Even the most advanced, complex appliances are no match for our steady hand, keen eye, and extensive training. After providing fast and effective repairs for just about any household appliance, our teams can give you good (and honest) advice for purchasing a new unit. Knowing when to have a machine repaired versus knowing when to throw in the towel and simply buy a new model is a great skill to possess. We’re happy to share our insider knowledge of what items work, what are prone to disaster, what are worth the money and time, and which you should avoid entirely. Get in touch and rest assured that we’ve got your back!