Three Signs Your Fridge Needs Help

The best appliances are meant to live a long life, but even top-rated fridges, ovens, and heaters will need some repairs along the way. Waking up to find out your fridge is no longing cooling as it should can ruin your morning and the days that follow. We’re here to help you recover from these mechanical failures easier and faster than ever before, so these hiccoughs don’t interfere with your schedule any more than they have to. We do that by empowering our readers with essential information regarding their appliances. When you can identify the warning signs of an imminent breakdown, you can get us on the phone and at your door before your appliances stop working altogether.

Today, we’d like to share the top signs that suggest your fridge may be under the weather this November. When you notice any or all of these issues, it’s time to schedule an assessment from one of our repair technicians.

  1. Your Hydro Bill Is Climbing Each Cycle

Admittedly, there could be a lot of things affecting the total on your hydro bill, but if you haven’t changed your daily routine or introduced a new power-draining device to your home, then the reason for your expensive utilities could be an inefficient fridge. The likely culprit is either an old refrigerator nearing the end of its life, which is anywhere between 10 and 20 years depending on the model. As the machine begins to degrade, it has to work harder to do the same job it once did with less energy. You may also see rising costs if your fridge doesn’t have an Energy Star seal.

  1. Fluctuating Temperatures In Your Fridge & Freezer

Warmer temperatures in your refrigerator are indicative of a mechanical issue that needs attending, and it’s an obvious one at that. You may be surprised to learn that a freezer that runs too cold, on the other hand, is another sign your appliance needs work. If the inside of your freezer is under an Ice Age, losing space on all sides to the growing buildup of frost, it could be as simple as frozen food blocking vents for proper air circulation. It may also indicate issues with the freezer’s temperature gauge or the door’s gasket, which increases the amount of warm air in the cabinet where it turns to frost.

  1. Excessive Condensation, Leaks, And Other Water Where It’s Not Supposed To Be

Basically, any water around your fridge is cause for concern. If your Kenmore is covered in a layer of condensation, it may be encountering difficulties keeping cool and collected. A sweaty fridge suggests the appliance is working too hard to get the job done. Puddles on the floor surrounding your fridge, on the other hand, suggest there’s either a crack in your drain pan or something clogging one of the drainage holes that allow water to flow properly.

While these three signs are clear indicators your fridge isn’t running as it should, only a systematic assessment conducted by one of our fridge repair technicians will officially identify the true problem behind your faulty appliance. As the refrigerator experts, we’ll find the root cause and repair it the same day, so our visit will be a quick and convenient addition to your schedule. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call at the first sign of trouble.