Stay Warm And Cosy Inside As The Temperatures Drop Outside

Here at Toronto Refrigeration appreciate every season. From the hottest days of summer to the deep freeze of winter, we see the beauty and value of every time of year. Fall is no exception, as its crisp mornings and sunny afternoons make the perfect backdrop for the reds, oranges, and yellows of the changing trees. It’s the perfect time of year to go for a hike and breathe in the fresh air, but we’re under no illusions. After a long autumn day spent outside, it’s nice to retire to a warm and cosy home. As the cooling temperatures are a sign of more to come, it’s especially important to know that your house can keep warm well into the polar vortex of another winter.

For many homeowners, this task is assigned to their electric furnace. With proper maintenance, you can ensure that it’s ready to tackle the coldest temperatures of the year. Regular inspection and upkeep will also help your furnace live its longest, most efficient life. If your furnace is able to meet its expected 20 year lifespan (or beyond), you’ll be racking up the savings in addition to enjoying a comfortable home.

The easiest way to maintain your furnace is something that you can do on your own. Just like the other appliances that we service, your furnace will operate better with routine cleaning. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate clean, but we do recommend that you regularly change its filter. The filter purifies the air in your home by restricting the amount of dust and debris that can flow through your ducts. If you don’t replace your filter, the dust and debris begins to build up until it limits the flow of air moving through your furnace. This puts a strain on your furnace as it struggles to heat your home, reducing its potential lifespan and reducing the temperature in your living spaces. During this busy time for your furnace, it’s a good idea to replace your filter every 4-6 weeks.

Your furnace will only stand to benefit from a more elaborate maintenance routine that includes more than clean filters. Our certified team of appliance repair technicians can do what you can’t, as their training and experience allows them to assess, test, and repair a complex piece of machinery like your furnace. With their regular checks, your furnace can run like it ought to. Your home will be warm and the safety of your family guaranteed. Whether you need help changing your first furnace filter or need someone to test the heat exchanger, the venting system, or their safeties give us a call. One of our helpful and friendly technicians will be at your door.

Heat is a convenience we should all expect from our homes. As the temperatures continue to cool, be sure to schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our technicians. It will ensure your furnace is ready to heat your rooms efficiently and reliably throughout the season. Contact us before the temperatures dip below zero, and we’ll guarantee the comfort and safety of your family!