Spring Cleaning Means Making Sure Everything in Your Home Works

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As the mounds of snow and ice melt on the sidewalk, a similar cleansing takes place inside our homes. There’s just something about spring time that makes us want to open our windows, let the fresh air in, and make sure the home is clean and in good working order. It’s revitalizing, just like spring itself.

There’s actually reciprocity between cleaning your home and maintaining your appliances: Cleaning actually helps your appliances work better, while ensuring that your appliances work properly gives you the same restorative feeling you get from cleaning your home.

Here are a few ways that cleaning your home and managing to keep your appliances in good shape will help you feel like your home is a comfortable and orderly space, while ensuring your appliances work properly.

How Cleaning the Home Can Help Your Appliances

Reducing the amount of dust in your home pre-emptively reduces the amount of dust clogging the filter in your air conditioner, and impacts other appliances too. You’ll never be able to eliminate all the dust in your home, or totally prevent your A/C’s air filter from absorbing some, but the fewer dust particles stuck in your filter, the better. It’s a good idea to clean your A/C’s air filter every 30 days or so, and more often if you have pets.

You also want to keep dust and debris away from the refrigerator coils located at the back of your fridge, or at the bottom. It’s easy to clean them and important too, since coils that are excessively clogged with dirt can cause a compressor failure which is expensive to fix. Just use a vacuum with a brush extension and suck up the cobwebs or whatever dirt is back there.

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Your washer and dryer are also adversely impacted by dust — you must occasionally clean out behind the dryer every few months, because if dust, dirt, lint and even spilled detergent accumulate back there,  not only does it affect the appliance’s performance, it fosters mould and can even cause a house fire.

Expert Repairs and Service

It’s good to know a few easy ways that can help your appliances perform better, but you need the Toronto appliance repair experts to get them working at their very best. Toronto Refrigeration has expert technicians with years of experience on the job, and we service and repair all the major brands.

We are as serious about providing great service you’ll love as we are about fixing equipment. We never add fees or increase charges in the middle of a job — in fact we charge the same rate for all jobs, no matter how complex it ends up being. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week we’re here to help because we know that being without a major appliance, even for a brief time, can be majorly irritating.

Cleaning feels good — almost at a subconscious level, people like being in ordered and clean environments. Your appliances like it better too! This spring, clean the home up so you feel better, and to help your appliances work better and extend their lifetime. If your appliances need real maintenance beyond that, call the experts at Toronto Refrigeration.