Skip the DIY – Let the Professionals Help

Step back from the appliance and put down the screwdriver. Unless you’re a certified technician, we don’t recommend you make any major repairs to your malfunctioning appliance. Without the proper training and equipment, you can improperly identify the problem and execute sloppy repairs. At least, you can end up creating an even bigger problem for yourself, one which requires a lot of money to fix. At most, you can accidentally interfere high-voltage parts that have the ability to seriously endanger your life. Don’t make a simple mistake and create a disaster. It’s far easier to pick up the phone and let a qualified professional help.

We understand the siren’s call of DIY repairs. Really, we do. It comes with the promise of pride over a job well done, especially if it’s outside of your usual expertise. Your partner or family members will be impressed with what you were able to repair. At-home repairs also imply that you’ll save a few bucks. By not paying a professional for their time, you only have to pay for the parts you bought from your local hardware store.

In order to save money and astonish your loved ones, you have to get those repairs right. If it’s a simple matter of cleaning dust from the refrigerator coils or repositioning your washer so that it’s level, then you have the skills and tools to make these basic “repairs” and achieve your DIY goals. Once a breakdown is due to an appliance’s wiring, however, you no longer have the knowhow or equipment to make informed, safe repairs. Without specialized training, you don’t have the skills to diagnose the initial problem or identify its solution.

The Internet, particularly YouTube, will have you thinking otherwise. Reading up on supposedly novice ‘how-to’ blogs for at-home repair advice can convince you you’re fit for any repair. Unfortunately, complex and invasive problems can require more than the basic instructions provided by these online sources. If your appliance is abnormal in any way, your attempts at DIY can go off script and leave you with no guidance.

Whether you’re caught half-way through a job or just at the beginning, you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about calling for help. We’re here for a reason! All of our technicians have gone through the appropriate training and licensing so that they can provide a superior repair service than the average DIY-er. We outfit them with the best tools, and they know exactly what make and model of parts to order to finish the job right the first time. There’s no hemming or ha-ing, nor is there any Internet breaks to check how to fix something. Armed with the knowledge, experience, and equipment, they can make quick and efficient repairs.

In the end, they can make suitable repairs that end up costing you less than any botched attempt at DIY. And you’ll know that cost up front. Unlike other repair services, which give you the bill after they make all of their repairs, our technicians will provide you a detailed outline of their labour and parts before they do any work. That way, you’re never surprised by an inflated bill at odds with our promise. Quick and affordable, our appliance repair technicians always deliver.

For over 14 years now, we’ve helped the GTA make repairs to their refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, washer and drivers, stoves and ovens, and heaters. Join the thousands of happy clients, and give us a call whenever one of your household appliances breaks down.