Simple Fridge Maintenance (Continued)

Since we are so passionate about refrigerator maintenance (and holiday leftovers), we’ve decided to dedicate a second post this month to keeping that fridge running in tip-top shape. We always encourage our customers to take the best possible care of their appliances to get the longest lifespan and best value out of them. However, if your fridge, oven or washing machine are giving you trouble that cannot be remedied through proper maintenance or quick fixes, we strongly advise you to contact our technicians immediately. Letting a problem with a major appliance linger can cause great problems and inconveniences down the line. Appliance repair in Toronto is our specialty here at Toronto Refrigeration; we’ve made it our aim over the years to provide personable, value-added service in your home, to help you keep things running smoothly within a reasonable budget.

In part one of this series, we covered cleaning your coils, making sure your fridge seals and making sure that your fridge is at a consistent and healthy temperature, in this post, we’ll go a little more in depth on the topics of freezers, deodorizing and keeping a fridge in the garage. We’re here to help you, so, without further ado, here’s a little advice from the pros about how to keep that fridge running like a dream:

Defrosting the Freezer:

Once the frost in your freezer has built up to an inch or two of frost, it’s time to remove all the food, unplug the unit and let that frost melt. If you’re lucky, you own a fridge with a self defrosting mechanism that warms the freezer coils slightly a couple times a day to melt off the ice. If this is the case, the moisture accumulates in a pan which you must empty from time to time.


Unless you lived in shared student housing, you probably want to keep your fridge pretty clean to avoid bad smells and general grossness. Keeping leftovers in properly sealed containers is a great idea. Also, you can incorporate wiping down the fridge into your weekly cleaning ritual to maintain that pristine environment. If fruits and meats are loosely packaged, it’s not a bad idea to put a plate under them if you’ve got the real estate to spare.


While baking soda is the age old solution to unwanted aromas in the fridge, there are now specific products like Fridge Aid that will keep your fridge smelling neutral for six months! It’s pretty depressing to open up the fridge looking forward to a delicious meal only to be smacked in the face by a nasty smell, you might as well spend a couple bucks to reduce unwanted odours.

Fridge in the Garage:

If you live in Canada, this is not a great idea. Below 10 degrees Celsius, oil in the compressor thickens, giving the appliance a much shorter life span. Also, at these lower temperatures, freezers paradoxically fail to properly freeze the items stored within.

This winter season, don’t hesitate to give us a ring if you need someone to repair your fridge in Toronto or the GTA. Our experts are friendly and great at what they do and they save you money in the long run.