The Secret to an Efficient Summer

Take a walk through the neighbourhood on a quiet day, and we’re willing to bet that you’ll hear the steady hum of air conditioners whirring away at every house you pass, for as much as we dream about warmer climates during the winter, Canadians, as a whole, aren’t suited for summer weather. Between record-breaking temperatures, rising humidity levels, and poor air quality conditions, summer can be a difficult season for a lot of us, and our air conditioners become essential accessories for the season.

StatsCan Has Crunched the Numbers
Back in 2009, Statistics Canada underwent a study to observe the usage of air conditioners in Canada. According to their findings, approximately 50% of the country has some kind of air conditioning unit installed in their homes. Though there are no studies to verify this, expect an even higher number for the amount of businesses that operate an A/C system, as temperature regulation is a worker’s right. The Occupational Health and Safety guidelines require working conditions to hover around room temperature.

Despite the province’s higher population density, it doesn’t have the highest concentration of air conditioners in the country. Taking second place, Ontario leaves that title to Manitoba. Despite playing second fiddle, nearly 75% of homes in the province are outfitted with an air conditioning system, and over 4 out of every 5 homes use central air.

Keeping Cool is Essential & Expensive
Plenty of people in Ontario – and Toronto specifically – will use their A/C purely to create a comfortable refuge away from the humid and often smoggy days of summer. But conditioning isn’t only about comfort. For those who struggle with respiratory problems and allergies, it can be a matter of health, as the levels of humidity, pollen, and other allergens increase along with the temperature. As a result, individuals can have their appliances running regularly throughout the day and night in order to purify the air that they breathe. This isn’t without its price. Regular use can jack up your hydro bill, making your A/C feel more like a luxury than the necessity that it is.

Efficiency is the Key to Paying Less
When you have no choice but to operate your A/C throughout the summer, there’s no way around paying extra for its energy consumption. But you can adopt a few simple habits to ensure your appliance is running at its top efficiency. Energy efficiency starts with a well-maintained machine, so be sure to book an appointment with one of our air conditioner repair technicians. By completing a thorough inspection of its coolant levels and cooling coils, our technicians can improve your unit’s efficiency. If all goes well, an appointment is only necessary at the start and end of the season to ensure your appliance is opened and shut-off properly. Of course, our technicians are available 24/7 should there ever be an unforeseen problem interrupting your appliance mid-season.

On your own, you can check your A/C unit each month to ensure it’s clean and operating as it should. During these quick inspections, be sure to change or clean its filters as dirty filters may restrict airflow, which will cause your appliance to work harder than it has to. If you have central air, keep the outdoor compressor clear of any debris or plant growth. For window units, make sure its coils are free of twists. Regardless of your set-up, having a well-insulated home will keep any temperature transference to a minimum, which means you can safely lower the temperature settings of your machine without worrying about overheating.

Though minor, these simple tasks can have a significant impact on the price you pay for your air conditioning. For more tips and advice on how best to use your A/C this summer, give the best Toronto air conditioner repair service a call. We’re ready to take your call at any time – day or night – to help make sure you can beat the heat without emptying your wallet. Pick up the phone and arrange an inspection today and learn our expert tips on keeping cool.