Rusty Appliances? Get Them Serviced!

Many Canadians like to take off during the winter for an extended vacation in Florida, Belize, Costa Rica – anywhere warm to escape the frigid, frosty times in Toronto! And while this migration makes a lot of sense, leaving your appliances to sit unused for a long time can create some problems. While they won’t literally rust in the weeks or months that you’re gone, if they’re a little older they may need some TLC when you turn them on after an extended period of rest. If you need reliable appliance repairs in Toronto or the GTA, we can be onsite faster than any other company and ready to bring your beloved oven, fridge or washing machine back to life!

Of course, an extended vacation is not necessarily the only reason that an appliance may fall into disuse. Perhaps your parents or in-laws have an old fridge or oven that’s been in storage for a long time. Perhaps they’ve decided to gift their old appliances to you. Perhaps, however, these appliances don’t work since they have fallen into disuse. If your old-new hand-me-down appliances don’t turn on and work like magic right away, don’t just toss them out! For a reasonable sum, you could enlist a bit of fridge repair help from yours truly and transform an old piece of junk into a sexy, vintage refrigerator! As we mentioned in a separate post this month: having two operational fridges takes a lot of pressure off when the leftovers start to pile up or if you’re hosting a party.

A lot of the time, when an oven or refrigerator won’t turn on, it’s not because of any inherent problem with the mechanics of the appliance; it’s simply a single part that needs to be replaced. With an oven, the culprit is often the thermostat, thermal fuse, sensor or control board; with a fridge, the problem is often the overload relay in the compressor circuit, or else the electric control more (in newer fridges). While this all may sound a bit complicated, we can easily get replacement parts for almost any brand and model of fridge or oven, so fret not, we’ve got you covered.

One of the key benefits of utilizing our excellent services is that you will not need to throw away your appliances until you have gotten every last drop of use out of them. In accounting, this is best expressed in the idea of amortization ­– year over year certain assets lose their value; the longer the period of amortization, the lower the cost. You can always consult with us with regards to what the sturdiest brands of appliances are (in our opinion). Beyond that, the best you can do is read this blog, try and stay up to date on appliance repair methods and book an appointment with us when your appliances need to be serviced.

Some modern appliances will last you a good long time, but there’s also some truth to the adage they don’t build ’em like they used to. Old appliances are often made from better materials to last longer, so even if that old fridge looks a little old and run down, dust it off, vacuum the coils and see if it doesn’t come to life! Contact us right away if you have an urgent appliance emergency, otherwise, check back next month for more indispensable tips!