Be Proactive: Schedule Your Furnace for a Check-Up

Thanks to the effects of El Nino, we had a slow start to winter last year here in Toronto, but we can’t expect the same mild temperatures and limited precipitation this year. According to the 2017 Farmer’s Almanac, Cold Man Winter’s coming back — with a vengeance. Residents across Southern Ontario can expect cold, icy, and snowy weather sooner rather than later, with temperatures beginning to dip as soon as October. And considering the Almanac has approximately an 85% accuracy rate, we’re not willing to bet against their predictions. In that case, with a brutally cold winter ahead of us, we here at Toronto Refrigeration recommend getting your furnace or heater checked before the mercury plummets.

It may not feel like it now, but take a tip from the House of Stark: winter is coming. Before you know it, the crisp yet warm days of autumn will freeze over. Why run the risk of being unprepared for the change of seasons? You need a warm and cosy place to take refuge when the wind chill hits the negatives. With regular maintenance, you can make sure your furnace can take on the worst that winter has in store this year and beyond. That’s because routine inspection and consistent upkeep can ensure your heater is working efficiently for the entirety of its expected 20 year lifespan.

A quick visit from one of our heater repair technicians can ensure your furnace starts the season off right. They perform a comprehensive inspection of our appliance’s parts, including the thermostat and both the pilot and ignition controls regardless of make, model, or age. That’s because every member of our expert appliance repair crew has completed the appropriate training that allows them to assess, test, and repair this machine with precision.

They’re also highly knowledgeable service people who are willing to share helpful tips so their customers can take the appropriate steps to maintain their furnace on their own. Cleanliness, as usual, is their most importance piece of advice, as a clean appliance is a happy appliance. Homeowners will do well to keep their furnace free of dust and debris. Don’t forget to install a new filter as soon as you turn on this particular appliance, remembering to replace it every month. A clean filter is a quick and easy way to improve the efficiency of your heater and extend its life. Left long enough, a filter can collect enough dirt that it can restrict the flow of air moving through your home, which is why it’s important to replace them often. They’re a relatively inexpensive buy from your local hardware store.

If you’re unsure of the size of filter you need or how to install one, simply ask your technician when they arrive to complete their inspection. They’ll be happy to help you once they’ve performed their assessment. But don’t wait until Cold Man Winter takes over the city. Call us and arrange for one of our repair technicians to drop by your home before the temperatures dip, so you’re fully prepared to turn up the heat when fall turns quickly into winter.