Need A New Air Conditioner? Take A Look At These Reliable Brands

Now that spring has finally arrived in full force, and the warm weather has returned to Toronto, you’ve probably done some spring cleaning, aired out the house with your windows wide open, and put away all your hats, scarves, and sweaters for the season. But you may also be thinking ahead to the true heat waves that will hit in June, July, and August, and to your trusty air conditioner.

For basic malfunctions, easy fixes, and all kinds of air conditioner repairs, remember to have us on speed dial — we’re pleased to come to your home and offer you our honest and upfront pricing, same day service, and courteous workmanship that should be commonplace for all appliance repair professionals. But if that AC unit is looking more rusty than trusty, you might be better served by simply buying new. If you need some expert advice, we’re happy to give you the lowdown on whether it’s more sensible to pay for repairs or a whole new model, but sometimes you just know it’s time to retire the old campaigner and invest in a brand new machine.

We’ve compiled the results from two trustworthy sources — Best Reviews and Top Ten Reviews — for their takes on the best window air conditioning units for the 2015 market.

As for ACs that fit into your window, the only crossover for both reviewers was the Frigidaire 052XT7 for its small size, portability (it’s only 35 lbs.), ease of installation (clear instructions, thankfully!), “Effortless Clean” filter to remove nasty particles from your air, multiple fan and cooling speeds, automatic restart and timer functions, and extremely quiet operation. This is one of the greatest small air conditioners available. It’s perfect for a bedroom, small apartment, or office.

According to Best Reviews, the SPT 12000 BTU Window AC is the absolute best unit on the market. Boasting a timer, energy saver and sleep mode, it’s also extremely durable to save you money on repairs over time. Importantly, the 12000 BTU capacity means it can add a relieving chill to any room much, much faster than the competition. If you want a heavy-duty performer, go for the SPT 12000 BTU, but remember that it costs a bit more than your average unit, and it weighs a whopping 68 lbs.

On the other hand, Top Ten Reviews ranks the Danby DAC6011E as their top choice. Again, an Energy Saver switch, sleep mode, and auto timer make for high efficiency and savings. It can blast out 6000 BTUs to cool rooms up to 250 sq. ft. This beauty also comes with an LED display and a remote control, allowing you to adjust the settings while otherwise occupied. At 46 lbs., the Danby seems a nice middle range AC between the powerhouse SPT and the small but hardworking Frigidaire.

If you need any recommendations, advice, or actual help with a window-based or central air conditioning unit, you know who to call! We’re here to help, so please let us know how we can make this summer as comfortable and relaxing as you need it to be.