Our Multi-Talented Repair Staff

When a crucial home appliance breaks, it can be a time of extreme stress and chaos. If you have a big family where everyone is constantly working and keeping busy, a broken appliance such as a refrigerator or a washer and dryer can really screw up the flow of your week. Especially if the dishwasher starts malfunctioning, the dirty dishes pile up extremely quickly and necessitate labour intensive hand-washing of pots and pans. This can be extremely hard on your hands and is also a huge waste of time.

While you might think from our name that Toronto Refrigeration is just a refrigeration repair company, the truth is that we are so much more than that. We repair pretty much any major household appliance that you can think of, and our small army of workers can be on site to remedy the problem so fast, you’ll be amazed. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable regarding the nuts and bolts of any appliance made by a common brand, and could probably even work on machines made by lesser known companies; they simply understand the way that these machines work.

While some handyman companies specialize in fridges, ranges or washer-dryers, our appliance repair experts can do it all. Typically, in these emergency type scenarios, you want to be able to call someone who is familiar; who you know is reliable; who can be on site working the job before it becomes a major inconvenience. Our Internet reviews speak for themselves: our employees are affable, efficient and out prices are very reasonable considering the excellent services that we provide.

Just to give you some idea of how many different types of appliances we are familiar with, here is a complete list of the services we offer:

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Home Refrigerator Repair

Washer and Dryer Repair

Range Repair

Stove Repair

Heating Repair

Automatic Dishwasher Repair

As you can see, we are equipped to deal with a wide cross-section of appliances. Our philosophy and approach is to provide service of the highest possible standard. We like to emphasize the value added nature of appliance repairs – when you take the time to invest in a specific piece of equipment, you should get a great deal of use out of it, even if it’s past its warranty. Especially in the current economy, it can be difficult to run a household without making compromises; we appreciate the fact that many people are operating on a tight budget. We aim to provide you with an invaluable peace of mind by being on the spot with reliable, affordable service whenever there’s a hiccup in your day-to-day appliance usage.

We’ve been in the appliance repair business for fourteen years now, so we’ve come to know Toronto and its inhabitants extremely well. For us, it’s not just about fixing appliances, it’s about meeting our customers and knowing that we’re making a difference. Toronto is a fascinating city with a massive population of folks from so many cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It is such a pleasure to be out in the streets of this amazing city every day, getting to know interesting people and helping to improve the quality of their lives in our modest way. So if any of your appliances – in addition to your fridge – are broken and you haven’t had a chance to get them fixed, contact us today and we’ll be right there!