Mini-Fridge On The Fritz? Here’s What To Do

Mini-fridges are a staple of student living – many youngsters depend on them for their daily dorm room nourishment. Others simply don’t have the space or resources for a larger fridge to be placed in their kitchen. Small refrigerators are also perfect for an office or garage, if one is inclined to snack while on the job. Whether we realize it or not, we grow to dependent on these small units and the habits they foster.

That’s why when something as seemingly banal as a mini-fridge breaks down, things can get complicated and one’s daily routine can be thrown off completely. Luckily, fridge repair experts and solutions are easier than you think. However, before you call in for a repair expert, there are few tasks that need to be taken care of on your end.

It’s important to determine whether or not there is, in fact, an issue related to your fridge. First, check that everything is plugged in and that it isn’t just a problem with the circuitry of your home or office. It’s quite common to assume that the fridge has simply cycled off, which is to say, that it’s only taking a break, but is ultimately working fine. As a result, the easiest way to tell if the fridge is, in fact, broken is by using thermometer to track it. If the temperature rapidly declines without fluctuating, it’s time to take the matter seriously.

The first thing you need to do when you notice a tangible problem with your mini-fridge is account for the food it contains – if you think something is spoiled, or on the verge of spoiling, it’s best to throw it out. Unless you’re entirely sure when your fridge stopped running, you risk a case of food poisoning and other potentially dangerous illnesses. That means getting rid of last week’s Chinese food leftovers (which you should have done already, to be sure).

Emptying the fridge doubles as a good opportunity to thoroughly sterilize the unit before a repair technician arrives on the scene. Cleaning and maintaining your it more regularly could prevent further glitches from arising in the future. This occasion also allows you to clean the drawers and scrub all the corners and crevices that would otherwise be hidden. The best cleaning solution for refrigerators – large or small – is a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid, with baking soda added to remove the more resilient stains.

Once your fridge is thoroughly cleaned, a repair technician should be ready to complete the job. When you go out of your way to repair your appliances and request the services of a professional at Toronto Refrigeration, you can expect only the best long-lasting results. With our 24/7 repair guarantee, we’re available to take on all your fridge-related issues whenever you need affordable repairs.

Whether you’re a student or you an office worker with a desk-side fridge, our talents are certainly not limited to fixing the woes that come with mini-fridges on the fritz – the technicians at Toronto Refrigeration happily offer air conditioner repair services and solutions for a handful of other everyday appliances. With service like this on your side, you don’t have to worry about being deprived of a functioning household or workspace – we’ve got your back with a low-cost guarantee.