Your Microwave’s Busy Season Is Coming Up — Make Sure It’s Ready

What’s better than Christmas dinner? Leftovers, of course! There’s a reason why you always make several extra portions of everything on the big day, and it’s not so everyone can have second (or third) helpings. It’s so you can squish all of that turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce in between two slices of bread to make the ultimate sandwich. Leftovers can prolong the carb-laden holidays for a few extra days before you have to go back to reality — and your diet. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, or something else entirely, our crew want to wish you happy holidays! We also want to make sure your microwave is ready for the monumental task this season.

Your Microwave

Compared to our neighbours to the south, Canadians don’t use their microwaves quite as often. Whereas Americans will use it to do anything from boil water, make ramen, or heat soup, Canadians tend to boil their water by kettle and make ramen or soup on the stove. As a result, most (though admittedly not all) microwave use is relegated to reheating leftovers. Of course, there will be statistical outliers who use theirs to bake potatoes, scramble eggs, and any number of tasks, but the vast majority of people use it for two settings: reheating and defrosting. Regardless of how you use your appliance, leftovers are a condition of the holidays, making the month of December your microwave’s busiest season.

How do you expect to enjoy round two of brisket and latkes without your microwave working at top efficiency? Sure, you can reheat your leftovers using the oven and stove, but eventually the holidays will be over and you’ll have to get back to work. With less time at your disposal, do you want to wait 30 – 60 minutes while your oven inefficiently heats your leftovers? When you’re back to scrambling from work to home for dinner before leaving for your children’s music lessons, you simply don’t have the time to heat food the old fashioned way.

We’re here so you don’t have to. It’s rare that you’ll have to replace your microwave outright. A quick visit from one of our microwave repair technicians will make sure the appliance will live to reheat another plate. We can also make short work of any other household appliance that experiences a malfunction this December. With 24/7 availability — even during the holidays — we’re on-call to make sure all of your appliances are ready to take on the most wonderful time of the year.

We also make sure our visits are affordable, so you can accommodate repairs during this busy season. All of our technicians provide detailed invoices of their work upfront before they put tools to your belongings, so you’re never surprised by the labour they perform or the cost of their services. So get in touch should your microwave suffer a critical breakdown during its busiest season. You’ll experience for yourself just how quickly we’ll make it to your door and get your home back to normal this holiday.