Let the Pros Maintain Your Appliances This Fall

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There are certain tasks that accompany the changing of the seasons, even in our modern urban life. Autumn no longer signals that it’s time for harvest for people living in cities, but dramatically changing temperatures bring with it routines that are best followed.

Given that we live in an age of incredible technology, the seasonal routines we need to abide by tending to revolve around maintaining machines rather than the cycle of planting and harvesting that meant everything to our ancestors.  

Toronto Refrigeration has experts who can inspect, maintain and repair all the appliances in your home or business, and we do it efficiently and with customer service that will exceed your expectations. Here are just some of the ways we can help you take stock of your appliance this fall.

Winterizing A/C Units

It’s a good idea to get your A/C inspected today even though you won’t be using it until months from now — after a long and hot summer, that’s when it can really use some tender love and care. Be pro-active, and when the sun returns in earnest you won’t have to scramble to make sure that your home is cool.

The experts at Toronto Refrigeration can come the same day you call, so you can quickly get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the machines you depend on are in good working order. This way, you don’t leave those repairs until it’s too late so that they’re there for you when you really need your appliances to work.

Toronto Refrigeration only uses licensed and certified technicians who can inspect your A/C and determine that everything is working as it should. This includes removing and cleaning the filters, and all the other aspects of maintenance that keep the machine working properly.

Fridges and Freezers, Washers and Dryers, and Dishwashers

Our busy modern lives would be considerably busier if we didn’t have a suite of machines at home that saves us valuable time by performing in minutes tasks that used to take us hours. Washing and drying utensils, plates and cups after meals is one such thing while doing the laundry by hand used to take a magnitude more time.

Beyond saving time, having a working refrigerator and freezer allows us to store and keep food for longer without spoiling. It’s hard to overstate how disruptive this can be if one of these appliances stops working the way it should.

We can help fix your broken appliances and give the ones that are working a thorough inspection, so you know that they’ll work the way they should well into the future. When you have a home appliance that begins to falter, it can be a debilitating feeling: avoid it before it happens by calling the experts at Toronto Refrigeration.

Price Transparency, Consistency

Toronto Refrigeration is the home of the $39.95 service charge for all jobs. This means that for one low price, you can get any appliance serviced without fearing a price-change.

Sometimes a company will quote you one price, but the final total is higher when the bill comes. This is sometimes known as sticker shock, and we will never do this to you — no matter how long or involved the repair turns out to be, our price will never change.

The appliances in your home help if run properly, so it’s not an understatement to say that keeping your machines working is an effective way to keep your home running smoothly. Call 416-918-2700 at any time, and let Toronto Refrigeration make sure your equipment and your home is in good working order.