How to Keep Warm During Winter in Toronto

Winters in Toronto are insufferable lessons in survivalism – even in well-insulated and heated homes, flows of cold air can overwhelm outdated heating systems, easily seeping through the cracks of one’s home, compromising the temperature of the entire house. It’s important, then, to ensure you have everything under control. Here are a few ways to stave off the cold during this dreaded season.

Call a Repair Expert
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keep warm during winter

Measure Your Levels

If you’re not consistently paying attention to the fluctuations of your thermostat, not only are you likely to be losing money, it’s probably the case that your home isn’t as warm as it could be. When the temperature significant decreases and you haven’t adjusted the thermostat accordingly, you could potentially double your heating. Luckily, there are ways that won’t require you cranking the heat in order to counteract the woes of the weather.

Use a Ceiling Fan

While it may seem counterintuitive, using a ceiling fan can significantly help your home. Flipping the switch on a fan could help you to maximize the circulation of warm air. By reversing the direction of your ceiling fan, you can create a kind of warming effect. During the winter, spinning your fan clockwise will, indeed, pull cooler air up, so that the warmer air emanating from your furnace can safely flow down into the room, without any interference.

As is the case in summer, the temperature of the room doesn’t actually change with a fan alone. Redistribution of the air just makes space feel less stuffy, ultimately saving you a great deal of energy. Just be sure not to run your fans while away from the run – doing so will only waste resources and increase your hydro bill significantly, all the while wearing out your fan unnecessarily. 

Adjust the Décor of your Home

An area rug does more than keep your feet from touching a chilly floor. It acts as an insulating layer that battles against the cold. If you’re thinking about adding a rug to a room, consider the specifics of area rugs and how they could benefit your home. Remember that the thicker the rug, the more cold-protection it will offer. Additionally, if a rug has a high stitch-count, there is little to no space for cold air to circulate through, because the yarn is strewn so close together. Loosely-woven rugs, in other words, are bad insulators.

Finally, you want to consider the fibre itself. As is the case with clothing, less breathable materials such as wool will be very warm and sturdy. They may be pricier if made with wool, but rugs of this nature will certainly help keep you warmer than you would otherwise be.

Find Alternative Sources of Heat

In cold weather, spicy, hot foods are comforting. You might find yourself using your oven more often, so take advantage of the high temperature. After you’re done baking or roasting, turn off the oven but leave the door open. The hot air spreads into the kitchen, making that room, at least, toasty warm.

A word of warning: don’t take this practice to extremes. When the oven is off, it’s fine to use the leftover heat, but be sure that you’re not running a gas oven to give off the heat you need to warm a room. A gas stove gives off significantly dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Once again, if you don’t understand how to read the differences in temperature, calling appliance repair services to your home will save yourself so much time and stress.

Your home’s central heating might be the problem – if your HVAC system is acting funny, you might need to fix your AC right away given that the system is intertwined with the heating system. It’s ironic, but certainly within the realm of possible issues. You can’t stop winter from coming, but you can take steps to keep high heating bills at bay and warm your home more naturally.