Keep That Fridge Clean!

2017 is the year that the city of Toronto rolls out their new green bins, which are much larger than the previous ones. This is fantastic news for a few reasons. First of all, if you have a large family who produces a tremendous amount of organic waste each week, you’ll be able to compost much more than before. Secondly, the new bins come with a special mechanism that locks the bins when you twist a dial to a 45-degree angle. When the garbage collectors tip the bins upside down, the lid comes unlocked and spills the waste into the truck. Magic.

If you live in Toronto, then you are well aware of the fact that we have quite a large population of cheeky raccoons who live to comb through the organic bins, which, up until this point, have been incredibly easy to knock open, unless you were to devise some special system. While homeowners have reported that some resourceful raccoons have been able to crack the code on these new bins, for the most part, residents will find themselves scooping up less old coffee grinds, egg shells and chicken bones after a full scale raccoon assault.

Here at Toronto refrigeration, we always encourage our customers to keep their refrigerators as clean as possible. Additionally, we urge our clients to compost as much as possible to avoid filling up landfills unnecessarily. Since we specialize in refrigerator repair services in Toronto and the GTA, we understand the importance of keeping your refrigerator clean. Making sure to regularly toss old food cluttering your fridge will make it easier for your fridge to run efficiently, and it will ultimately use less energy. Not only that, but when your fridge is clean, your life is slightly less stressful. In the the same way that a dirty, disorganized home can make you feel anxious, having a bunch of old rotting groceries and leftovers in your fridge can drive you a little bit crazy as well.

When cleaning out your fridge, it is always best to separate the organic food from whatever container it is in, so that you can recycle the container and compost the food. This can be a bit gross and a pain in the neck, but you will sleep well knowing that you disposed of your waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Once you’ve thrown out all that old food, it’s time to give your fridge a serious scrub down.

First you’ll want to remove all the shelves and drawers and soak them in a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Next, you can use a cloth soaked in warm water and dish soap to wipe down the interior of the fridge. If there are stubborn stains that won’t come out no matter how hard you scrub, it’s time to bust out the baking soda mixture, create a thick paste with a bit of water and apply to the offending stains for an hour. Once all that’s done, give the fridge a rinse, put it back together and load it with delicious groceries. Then reward yourself with a beer or a glass of wine!

If you need an appliance repaired quickly in Toronto or the GTA, don’t hesitate to call Toronto Refrigeration. We are a well established, well respected local business with an emphasis on quality and customer service. Call us today for more information!