Keep Those Christmas Leftovers Cool: Simple Fridge Maintenance

The season for chowing down on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roast duck – or whatever else your family tradition calls for – is upon us! It’s time to bust out the rum and egg nog and fatten up for the winter season. Assuming that you’re going to be attending a few decadent dinners between friends and family, and doing the classic holiday shuffle, chances are you’ll pick up quite a few bins of precious leftovers along the way. Thus, it is of the utmost important to ensure that your fridge is in good working order, as it’ll have its working cut out for it while you’re working through that hefty stash of holiday treats!

Fridges are our specialty here at Toronto Refrigeration – if you ever have an emergency with your fridge, or if you need fridge repair help in general, call us up and we’ll help you sort it out. As an independent business with strong family values, we understand the delicate equilibrium of a well run household, and we always want to do our best to make sure that our customers are satisfied. Christmas should be a time of joy and relaxation, not of stress, so if you suspect that any of your major appliances might be on the fritz, call us sooner rather than later so that you can relax with red wine and a Charlie Brown Christmas on the 25th.

Now, back to the matter at hand: refrigerators! In an emergency situation, you can contact us right away and we’ll be on hand in a jiffy, however, in terms of fridge maintenance there are a few crucial things that you can attend to in order to minimize how much repair service your fridge will require:

Vacuum the Coils

 The coils that cool the inside of your fridge are hidden from sight, but they definitely collect a lot of dust. At least once – preferably twice – a year you should pull you fridge out and vacuum the coils with the brush setting. Your fridge will work with dusty coils, but much less efficiently than if they were clean. Plus, clean coils will help your fridge last a good, long time.

Set The Temperature

37-40 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for your fridge and 0 for the freezer. Many people never even bother to check their fridge’s temperature and over time this can have a negative effect. If you cranked it all the way up to cool down the beer at your Stanley Cup party, make sure to turn it down afterwards.

Make Sure the Seals Are Working

If the seals on your fridge doors are compromised, then your appliance is working twice as hard to keep those leftovers cool! Clean the seal twice a year with a toothbrush and a mix of water and baking soda, and try and keep it clear of debris. You can pop a piece of paper into the door, and if it falls out when you close it, you may need to have the seals replaced.

Toronto appliance repair is the name of the game here at Toronto refrigeration; so give us a call if you’re having fridge woes and we’ll make sure those delicious leftovers have a good home. Happy holidays!