The Joys Of Yard Sales: A Paradise Of Savings

Much in the same vein as lemonade stands, block parties and fireworks on Canada Day, here at Toronto Refrigeration we cherish the summer ritual of cruising around to a variety of yard sales and garage sales to scour for good deals and interesting vintage items. While you may end up with a scuffed Willie Nelson record, a jean jacket and maybe even some classic snow-globes, it’s equally likely that you might stumble across an old appliance that’s still good and just needs a little love. Being seasoned appliance nerds ourselves, we delight at the idea of coming across a trusty old mini-fridge or air conditioning unit with a few good years left in them, after all, these items have a history and personalities of their own!

In our society, people are sometimes obsessed with having the newest, shiniest technology to show off and make sure that they are on the cutting edge. From our point of view, this kind of status seeking is unnecessarily costly and somewhat vain. Throwing away perfectly good appliances is wasteful and contributes to pollution. The old saying, “they don’t make them like they used to”, is often true as well; some of the best appliances out there were made over a decade ago and built with great care and durability. Just because your fridge is getting a little old and breaks down one time, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a new one; it’s certainly worth consulting with a refrigerator repair expert in Toronto before you dip into your savings and get the newest model.

To elucidate our company’s philosophy a little more: we are a long established repair company committed to working with and gaining the trust of a consistent client base in order to save you money and make sure that the quality of your household and lifestyle is as high as possible. To accomplish this, we want to help you maintain the appliances that you use on a day to day basis for comfort and convenience. If you need your appliance repaired and you live in the GTA, we can guarantee that you will not find more reliable, experienced, reasonably priced service.

If you are like most busy families in Toronto, you probably don’t have time to run around in the middle of the week trying to find a repair shop or replacing items that have unexpectedly broken. By establishing a relationship with our team, you will always know exactly what to do if an appliance goes down. We will have a friendly repair person on sight in the blink of an eye and life can continue as usual.

Our experts also know which brands and models work well, so if something has broken and is completely beyond bringing back from the dead, you can always get our advice on what to look for in a good oven, air conditioner or replacement fridge. In this sense it pays to be a nerd: not only do we like functional appliances because they’re helpful, we’re also interested in design and the story behind every appliance and the companies that build them.

If you notice that one of your neighbours is selling an old appliance at a garage sale or simply kicking it to the curb, don’t be embarrassed to snap it up; a Toronto air conditioner repair expert from our team will always be happy to have a look at old equipment and see if it’s got a few more good years in it. Who knows, your neighbour’s garbage could quickly become your treasure and you could be the proud owner of a great fridge or air conditioner with a cool, vintage look. So don’t give in to our culture’s overt advertisements and their insistence that you always buy the newest, shiniest model. Our attitude has always been: if ain’t broke, don’t fix it – and if it is broken, we can fix it!