4 Helpful Appliance Hacks For The Summer

Sometimes – almost all the time, in fact – it’s hard to keep your house neat and tidy. Life has a way of interfering with our best intentions and the result is often a sloppy living space that makes us feel bad about ourselves. Don’t feel too bad though; even your friendly, neighbourhood appliance repair experts in Toronto let their personal space get run down from time to time, after all, we’re only human! Just because we specialize in fixing appliances that keep our homes clean and running smoothly, doesn’t mean we ourselves are a shining example. Over the years, however, we have learned a thing or two: whether you are living in a bachelor’s paradise, or you are a parent on the go who doesn’t have sufficient time to keep up with the overwhelming slew of household chores, Toronto Refrigeration has some tips to help you through your busy summer.

Tennis Ball in the Dryer: By putting a tennis ball in the dryer, you speed up the drying process because the tennis ball knocks the clothes around, creating more space for the hot air to do its work. If you aren’t comfortable putting a bright yellow ball in with your white laundry or you need your tennis balls for sport, then you can also make balls out of yarn to serve the same function.

Don’t Use the Dryer at All: In our fast paced world, everyone seems to expect all of their problems to be solved as soon as they arise and people demand convenience and expedience at unprecedented levels. At Toronto Refrigeration, we like the idea of taking things slow and doing things the old fashioned way. The warmth of summer provides an excellent environment in which to dry your clothes on a drying rack or a clothesline. This can help you save on electricity, extend the life of your clothes and extend the life of your dryer. It’s a win-win-win!

Cling Wrap in the Refrigerator: Over time, a pretty gross, sticky coating can build up in the fridge if you don’t take care to clean it all the time. One solution that we find quite helpful is simply to lay down cling wrap on each rack once you’ve given it a good scrub. This way, the sticky wrap will collect all the gunk and crumbs and the next time you go to clean your fridge it won’t be such an ordeal. This trick works for coolers as well – you definitely want to keep your cooler in prime shape through the summer so make sure to give us a shout as well if you need cooler repairs in Toronto or the GTA.

The Blender Hack: You know that blender that sits in the sink after you’ve had your morning smoothie? The one that’s sitting in your sink right now filled with gunk? The very item that invites the ire and frustration of your roommate on a daily basis? You get the picture, here’s how you fix the problem: once you’ve finished using the blender, throw in some hot water and a shot of dish-soap. Turn the blender on and let it clean itself, no more angry room mate! Magic!

These tricks have been extremely helpful to us and we hope that you can find a way to implement them and enjoy them as well. Summer is a time for enjoyment and socializing, so the more time you save, the more time you can spend out in the sun having fun. There are plenty of tricks out there to help you run a more efficient household and to prolong the life of your appliances. When you are in need of air conditioner repairs this summer season, however, you may need more than a life hack; you may need Toronto Refrigeration’s top experts.