How to Keep Your Cool: Refrigerator Repair Tips You Need

fridge leaking water on floor

The kitchen is the cornerstone of the home — it’s where the food is stored and prepared, and everyone loves to eat! There’s nothing more important to a kitchen than a refrigerator. It’s easy to take it for granted, but keeping food fresh for days is of monumental importance. That’s why it’s necessary to make sure it’s working as it should.

Toronto Refrigeration would like to give you some tips on keeping your fridge working properly.

Keep Airflow Up

Make sure that overflowing flood isn’t restricting airflow  in your fridge, especially near the vents inside, so air circulates properly and keeps everything cool. A fridge shouldn’t be too full, but it shouldn’t be too empty either — a fridge that is full but not overflowing is easier to keep cool. 

Keep the Seal Tight

The seals on the refrigerator door need to be tight, or else cold air can escape and warm air can get in. Here’s a simple test you can do to see if the seal is tight enough: close a dollar bill between the fridge frame and the door, and if you can pull it out easily, it’s time to change the gasket.  

Fix the Leak, If You Can

There are a few reasons your fridge may be leaking and some are more serious than others. If the leak is pooling inside the fridge, the problem is the interior defroster drain line. It’s unable to release condensation because something is wrong, so the condensation pools inside the cabinets instead.

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Freezers constantly produce condensation because they’re in a perpetual cycle of freezing and defrosting. The excess moisture this produces is liable to get caught by the drain pan under the fridge. The small drain sometimes gets clogged by ice, food particles, or can freeze shut.

Water may leak out the fridge. Inspect the drain outlet to see if it’s clogged. Flush it with warm water, and if this doesn’t work, call a professional.

If there’s water leaking in the back of the fridge, it’s likely because of the water line or ice maker. There are times where only a technician can really tell what the problem is, and they have to be there in person. But sometimes there are clear signs you’re in too deep. For example, if Freon is leaking, you know it’s time to call a professional.

Call the Professionals, When Necessary

Trying to tackle repairs yourself is commendable, but there are limits to the jobs you should take. If you aren’t sure what steps to take next, hire the best appliance repair services in Toronto and the GTA — Toronto Refrigeration can repair and service all major brands of refrigerators. Our technicians are all trained professionals with years of experience

We look to make long-term relationships with our clients. That’s why we only offer one service fee for all jobs, no matter how complex it turns out to be. We’ll never bill you with surprise charges after a job.

We also know how disruptive it can be to a household when a major appliance stops working properly, and that’s why we do same-day repairs. You can contact us to learn more 24 hours a day 7 days a week, by calling 416-918-2700.

Toronto Refrigeration delivers industry-leading services for fridge repair, and if you can’t get your fridge working with these tips, then just leave the job to us.