Hot Summer Tips To Optimize Your Appliances

As summer starts tapering into spring, you may start thinking about autumn and cooler weather. Especially if you live here in the glorious city of Toronto, you may be looking forward to autumn, which is a brilliant season in the GTA. Temperate climates and bright orange leaves on the trees is always a pleasure; it’s a great season for bicycling and you can bust out your favourite cardigan, leather jacket or wool-knit sweater.

But while your thoughts might be drifting towards fall, the truth is that the hot weather may be far from over. Although labour day is traditionally seen as the last gasp of summer, Toronto has a way of carrying the heat through September and into October. Considering what a mild summer it’s been, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if we got a late blast of heat.

While the weather is still hot, we’d like to offer up some tips for maintaining and optimizing your appliances in the summer season. Appliance repair services in Toronto is the name of our game, so we like to do as much as we can to ensure that our readers and customers are keeping their equipment healthy and in running order:

  • Hang your clothes on a clothesline and give your dryer a break. By hanging your clothes outside in the sun, you reduce the carbon foot-print of your home slightly. Not only does this make you feel good in an ethical sense, but it also looks great and feels retro and old-fashioned. Another added plus is that your clothes maintain their integrity and shape when they dry naturally, so you’ll look great and get more value out of your garments when you air dry them through the summer. Ideally you’d air-dry your clothes all year round, but the reality is that if you have a limited amount of real estate in your home it may not be reasonable. Furthermore, if they don’t dry properly, that gross mildew smell could start to develop on them, and that’s the last thing you want. Your dryer will appreciate the break – just make sure you test it out and clean it before the cold sets in to make sure that it still functions


  • Don’t put too much strain on your fridge. In the summer months, we tend to load everything into the fridge to avoid spoilage and to deter those pesky flies. While this is reasonable enough, sometimes it can put too much strain on your fridge, which can cause it to break down. One thing you can do to help is vacuum and clean the condenser coils (these are typically found at the bottom or back of the fridge) to keep it running efficiently. Make sure that no food is blocking the vents and store condiment items such as hot sauce, ketchup and mustard in a cupboard (trust us, they won’t go bad). If your fridge simply shuts off and not amount of tinkering will fix it, it’s probably time to call in our Toronto commercial fridge repair experts to handle it.Whether you need someone to repair your washer-dryer, fix your broken air conditioner or HVAC, or deal with a malfunctioning fridge, we’ve got your back. Heed our tips and you’ll find your household running a lot more smoothly. Tune in next month for more hot tips!