Help Your Appliances Recover From The Holidays

Now that it’s the New Year, excuse us while we breathe a sigh of relief. The holidays can be hectic, as we entertain and make merry for weeks on end. We’re not the only ones to take on the brunt of this festive cheer. As we invite guests into our homes for dinner, cocktail parties, and small get-togethers, our appliances are working hard to keep up with our social calendars. Between seeing friends and family, there’s barely time to stay on top of chores. Only the most urgent tasks get attention during the hustle and bustle of the season.

Now that the holidays are over, our calendars tend to clear up — which means the month of January is the perfect time to tackle those cleaning and maintenance chores you ignored in December. Your fridge, oven, stove, and — yes — even your microwave (due to those late-night leftovers) are likely just as tired as you are after your busy month of celebrations. They need a little TLC if you expect them to work efficiently well into 2017.

The New Year is already a busy one for us as our team of repair technicians makes the rounds. Plenty of homeowners in the GTA have already booked their maintenance and repair appointments with us, so give us a call to schedule yours soon. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help clean and maintain your appliances. They’re simple enough that anyone could do them, regardless of experience. They also won’t take up too much of your time. Despite their simplicity, they’ll have a significant impact on the efficiency of your machines, so we encourage you to check back on this list throughout the year. Regular upkeep can make sure your appliances live a long and cost-effective life.

  1. Clean Your Stove & Oven

After cooking for 20 of your family members, your stove and oven can look like a war zone. Spilled sauces under the coils, fallen food charred at the bottom of the oven, and caked-on spills can do more than upset the aesthetics of your appliance. They can affect its ability to heat and cook food properly.

Give a good scrub using water and baking soda to get rid of any caked-on debris. You can unplug each element to get rid of any food coating its coils. We also suggest you use your oven’s self-cleaning option. By raising its internal temperature for an extended period of time, it can bake off messes without the use of caustic chemicals. It will also save you significant elbow grease, as you’ll only need to wipe out the charred mess once the oven is cool.

  1. Restock Your Fridge

A full fridge is a happy fridge. The same goes for your freezer. That’s because it relies less on its internal mechanisms to circulate air in order to keep its temperatures cool. When there are a lot of things inside of your fridge and freezer, containers and other foodstuffs help to maintain the chill. The end result is that it takes less energy to keep your food stored properly. While it doesn’t have to be jam-packed like it was before Christmas dinner, we do suggest you keep it well stocked.

  1. Put Your Vacuum to Use

Dust bunnies aren’t just unattractive. They can diminish the efficiency of your appliances. Take the time to vacuum the coils located behind or underneath your fridge and freezer, remembering to unplug it before you run the brush attachment over these coils. Switch to the nozzle attachment when you turn to your dryer. Suck up any dirt or debris you find in the container that holds the appliance’s filter.

  1. Use Your Washer & Dishwasher Properly

There’s a reason why your appliances come with multiple settings; they’re designed to tackle different tasks in the most efficient way possible. Make sure you choose the right cycle for the amount of clothing or dishes you need to wash. You should also only ever use the appropriate amount of detergent recommended for the particular model you have. This might be different from what’s suggested on the back of the bottle, so track down where you put your user guide and find out how much you should use.

Though simple, these tricks can help you stave off a critical breakdown in your appliances. Regular upkeep, combined with informed repair work, can prolong the life of your household appliances. So keep on top of these chores all year ‘round, and remember we’re available at any time of day or night to tackle those issues that aren’t solved by these methods.