Our Guide To Keeping Warm In The City

Here in Toronto, winter usually means negative degree weather, biting wind chills, and snow-turned-slush slowing down the streets. This year has been a little different. In lieu of these winter storm warnings, we’ve shouldered above seasonal temperatures and freezing rain.

Depending on whom you ask this makes for a worse winter experience. The damp tends to cling to you no matter how many blankets you pull over yourself. The rain is constantly threatening to freeze into black ice on the roadways. And you have to remember to pack your umbrella along with your gloves.

Most of us don’t enjoy the winter, however severe it ends up being. It’s an inconvenient addition to our commute as we pile on the layers and deal with the underfunded TTC and its delays. Meanwhile temperatures can cause dangerous driving conditions and anyone left outside for too long can risk exposure. As much as we’ve embraced the idea that “We the North” are made for this season, it’s a tricky time for people who want to make the most out of this time of year.

As much as we’d like to hibernate until spring, surfacing only for food breaks and Netflix’s release of the Iron Fist, we can’t. We all have lives we can’t ignore. Our team has appliances to fix, and you have your 9–5 grind to complete. But that doesn’t mean we only have work to look forward to. There’s a lot to experience in the city despite the cooler temps. If you’re willing to get out there, keep reading. We’ve got a few ideas that’ll keep you warm this winter.

Keep a Warm & Cosy Home Base
Give us a call to inspect your heater. Our heater repair technicians will ensure your furnace is running at its best, so it’s up to the job. That way, you can start warming up as soon as you return from your day outdoors.

Layer up
It’s as simple as dressing for the weather and your activity. If you plan on hopping from shop to shop, you could get away with the typical outerwear: a good jacket, scarf, mitts, and waterproof boots. If you intend on spending more time outdoors, you should explore wicking and insulating base- and mid-layers. Do some research online or go to an outdoor equipment store to get some advice. Who knows, maybe Uniqlo will donate more of their heattech this winter.

Check out the Distillery District
The charming, old-world neighbourhood is playing host to the Toronto Light Fest from January 27 to March 12. It’s the first event of its kind that turns the restored brick buildings into the backdrop of an open-air gallery of light installations. Take in the sights of 17 twinkling artworks at night, dropping into the many cafés, restaurants, and breweries that make up the district whenever you feel a little chilly.

Hit up One of the City’s Renowned Museums
As a huge metropolis, Toronto is home to many internationally acclaimed museums, art galleries, and cultural centres that draw in crowds from around the world. It’s time you experience what the ROM, AGO, or the Ontario Science Centre have to offer. And remember, when you take in Mystical Landscapes, you’ll be able to admire Monet masterpieces in a fully heated gallery.

Of course, with a city like Toronto, there’s something always going on. It’s worth it to look up the many music festival, cafés, restaurants, and historical sites that make the 6ix one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world — even in the middle of February. So don’t succumb to the mid-winter blues that keeps you to your house, no matter how comfortable it may be. Just remember to stay safe by preparing for the weather before you explore what the city has to offer.