Why the GTA Trusts Us with Their Appliances

In this day and age, consumers are gifted with a lot of choice when it comes to products and services that they need. It can also be seen as a curse, especially when you don’t know what makes one company better then another. When it comes to appliance repair, our industry is inundated with services that claim to be the best. But few can rarely claim that title! If you can’t confirm your chosen service has specific qualities, then you chance an expensive, time-consuming, and incorrect repair. We don’t want you stressing over your malfunctioning appliances, which is why we’ve outlined these key features that, as a high quality appliance repair service, we are proud about!

Our repair technicians are professionals, and they take pains to remain so – even when the industry attempts to throw them for a loop. Appliance manufacturers are constantly producing newer, more efficient machines, and these updated models come with complete innovations to appliance technology. No matter how often things change, our repair technicians keep up with the latest advances in all major appliances. We support our crew by outfitting them with high-quality equipment to help them make all repairs – no matter what make, model, or year your appliance is. From ovens to dishwashers to fridges, our technicians know their stuff – which is why we’ve been able to provide quality, lasting repairs for the last 15 years.

Price is often the driving factor behind choosing one company over another, regardless of the service or product, and the same is true about appliance repair. Nobody wants to be gouged when they finally get around to repairing their fridge or dryer, but it’s easy to end up paying exorbitant prices for a mediocre job. When you call us, we’re up front about our pricing system. We don’t want to gouge you anymore than you want to be gouged! That’s why we provide the final quote for our repairs before we make them. There’s never any talk about adding the cost of time and materials to our estimate. All of our repair services are agreed upon before any work starts, so you’re never blindsided by a bill with services you never authorized. Our transparent pricing means you’ll get skilled and experienced help without breaking the bank.

There will be times when you can put off calling a repair services for a few days or even a few weeks. Then there will be times when you need help immediately, like in the case of a leaking dishwasher or a broken heater in the middle of winter. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for that very reason. We do this because we don’t think you should be punished should your appliance breakdown outside of the regular 9-5 work week. If you need immediate help in the middle of the night, we offer it!

Our experienced, timely, and reasonable service is the reason why we’re so many of GTA homeowners’ first choice when it comes to appliance repairs. To experience why we’re a cut above the rest for yourself, give us a call the next time your appliance needs some mending.