The Great British Bake Off Gets New Life On A New Channel

If you refuse to watch GBBO now that Mel and Sue have quit, then click through to the next blog post. This is a pro Great British Bake Off area, and while we’re sad to see both hosts leave along with Mary Berry, we won’t be able to ignore the latest series once it airs sometime this year. Last year we heard the news that shocked the world. The BBC lost the broadcasting rights to the internationally acclaimed baking show when Love Productions increased its charge to £25 million per season. Within days, Channel 4, another popular TV station in the UK, snapped up the BBC’s scraps for a £75 million deal. The channel changeover necessitated a new lineup, as 3 out of the show’s 4 main stars quit out of loyalty to the BBC. With just Paul Hollywood left to steer the GBBO, Channel 4 recruited English stars Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding to replace Mel and Sue, with Prue Lieth, a respected force within the culinary world, to fill the shoes of Mary Barry. There’s no news yet on when exactly we can expect the newest series to air in the UK, let alone a channel we Canadians can watch, but there is something we can look forward to that’s a little closer to home. The CBC has announced it will be joining in on the fun with its very own Bake Off spinoff. Set to debut sometime in the fall, The Great Canadian Baking Show is already in production. Like its UK predecessor, it will put 10 amateur bakers through a series of themed challenges designed to pick off hopefuls an episode at a time. Unfortunately, anyone interested in trying out for the show has lost their chance, which means the only bake off you’ll have is in your very own kitchen. Just because there isn’t a camera crew recording your every move or an intimidating judge inspecting your soggy bottom doesn’t mean your attempts in the kitchen are stress-free. Anyone who’s been roped into catering a large party or cooked for their in-laws knows just how nerve-wracking baking can be. Baking is all chemistry, relying on perfect measurements and timing in order to transform ordinary flour and sugar into tasty cakes and cookies. One false move could collapse your soufflé. A faulty oven, stove, or fridge will only complicate your task. If you intend to prefect your Chelsea buns recipe in time for Easter, make sure your kitchen’s appliances are in working order with a call to our office. We’ll send out an expert repair technician to inspect your kitchen and leave it ready to take on your spring menu. We’re just a call away, available 24/7 whenever an emergency or necessary maintenance urges you to pick up the phone.  We’ll even be there when the first GBBO under Channel 4 and The Great Canadian Baking Show finally hit the air. So if you have any big plans that involve a great bake, get in touch. Once you have a well-working oven at your disposal, you’ll have a full year to practice before the next round of auditions open up.