Give Your Furnace A Break

Right now, the GTA is enjoying one of the mildest winters on record. As you join the others outside, the efficiency of your home’s furnace may be far from your mind. But maybe it should be! Since we’re not battling against negative thirty temperatures, it’s the perfect time to tweak your heating strategies to save as much money on your energy bill as possible. Since “warm and cozy is our specialty”, we have a few tips to offer up so your furnace can take a bit of a vacation this year.

Simply dressing for the season will start you on the right foot. Before you think to adjust your thermostat, put on a sweater. It’s also a good idea to wear thick socks or slippers while inside, as bare floors (like tile or hardwood) leach heat and are cold against your bare skin. Be sure to keep plenty of blankets out when you’re spending an evening with Netflix. When you’re inactive for long periods of time, you’ll feel colder and an extra layer will come in handy.

Though it’s been warmer this winter than last, we’ve still encountered the same winds that are typical for the area. Like its effects on the temperature outside, wind has the ability to rapidly drop the temperature in your home. The cold winter winds have no place in your house, so be sure to eliminate any cracks that are letting them in. Repair any deteriorating seals at your windows and doors to help keep them air tight. You can also add floor mats and door sweeps to ensure your windows and doors are leak-proof.

All windows will leak temperatures through their glass. Depending on the thickness of their panes, some will do this faster than others. If you know your windows are one or two-panes thick, then we suggest your reinforce them with plastic film insulation. You can find this product at most hardware stores for a reasonable price. It attaches to the frame of your window and creates another layer of insulation between your rooms and the outside. Once installed correctly, they’ll provide crystal-clear coverage, so you won’t sacrifice your view for a warmer room.

Window curtains are also an excellent way to keep the chill from leaking at your windows; however, they have to be used properly to provide the greatest effect. During the day, keep them open so as much sunlight as possible gets into your living spaces. To do that, you may also have to remove obstructions in your yard that may be blocking your windows from the outside. The natural light will slowly raise the temperature in your rooms via the greenhouse effect. Don’t forget to close these curtains as soon as the sun starts to dip towards the horizon. When you close them before night falls, you’ll trap all of the sun’s heat indoors with you.

Another great way to trap the heat inside is by creating a little bit yourself! Consider this season as an opportunity to take up cooking. Having a pot of boiling stew on the stove while the oven is blasting is a sure-fire way to heat up your living spaces. It’s also a great way to save money on take-out.

Simple though these tips are, they go a long way to increasing the temperature in your house without the help of your furnace. During such a mild winter, it’s a perfect opportunity to give your furnace a little down time. Not only will your furnace thank you but so will your wallet as you save big bucks on your energy bills. Sometimes, however, we admit that you do need a little help from your furnace. If your furnace is having trouble keeping a warm 20 degrees during the day, get in touch with us. We’re available whenever you need help.