How To Get The Most Out Of Your Microwave

The microwave has a special place in most kitchens as a convenient culinary weapon when time is tight and people are hungry. But when most of us only use it to reheat leftovers, make popcorn, and warm up old coffee, it’s rarely used to its full potential; for the microwave can take on a lot of roles in the kitchen. It’s a powerhouse of an appliance that doesn’t get enough credit for what it does. But today, we’d like to share some of the lesser known tasks your microwave can complete.

For those of you who are constantly battling with food waste, your microwave is an unlikely ally in your fight against wastefulness. It can help to preserve or prolong excess food, minimizing the amount that finds its way into your garbage. In addition to extending your food’s shelf life, your microwave works to maximize the lifespan of your dollar! When you keep more food out of the bin and in your fridge, you’ll see a significant impact on your wallet.

Bread often goes stale before you can eat it, making the thought of a sandwich for lunch unpalatable. The next time your loaf goes stale, don’t throw it out. Save the $3 you would spend on a new one by following these simple steps. Wrap the remaining slices in a damp cloth and microwave for 10 seconds. Check to see its consistency, and continue to microwave in 10 second increments until its soft enough to make the perfect lunchtime sandwich. The microwave can also breathe new life into old honey. Often times honey sits on a shelf, rarely used except for specific recipes. When it’s left to sit too long, honey crystalizes in its jar until it’s too hard to use. That doesn’t mean it’s destined for the garbage, as you can return your old honey to its gooey glory by microwaving it (without its lid) for about a minute.

The microwave can also be a huge help for the budding chef by taking on bigger and more important roles than just reheating yesterday’s pizza. It can also save you time while you prepare a meal for your family. When you’re dicing a particularly spicy onion, we know it can feel like Niagara Falls is flowing down your cheeks. Avoid the waterworks by slicing the ends off of the onion and microwaving it for 30 seconds. Your eyes will be clear the next time you dice, and you’ll be done cutting without the need for a tissue break. And what’s a recipe that has onions without garlic? You can remove the pesky skin from cloves without getting your fingers sticky by nuking the garlic for roughly 20 seconds.
If you’re planning to transform these onions and garlic into a hearty wintertime soup, but you’ve forgotten to presoak your beans – don’t worry! You can still make your recipe without postponing it for a day. Just place your beans in a microwave-safe bowl with a pinch of baking soda and cover with water. Set your microwave for 10 minutes, being sure to stir often. Once your microwave dings, let the bowl sit for 40 minutes and your beans will be ready to use in any recipe you want.

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