Get Your Kitchen Appliances Ready For Thanksgiving Day

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. Sound familiar? They should. These make up the foundation of the average Thanksgiving Day meal shared by millions of Canadians every October. As a celebration of a bountiful harvest, Thanksgiving is the holiday that has the strongest connection with food. It’s a great time to invite others into your home to share dinner, drinks, and good company. When dinner is such an important part of celebrating this Thanksgiving Day, your kitchen appliances have to be up to the job.

After a delicious meal, there’s usually one or two cheers reserved for the cook. It’s not why you hosted but knowing that people appreciated your efforts in the kitchen makes the holiday that much more enjoyable. Whether you’re hosting a small dinner amongst friends or a huge family reunion, making Thanksgiving Day dinner can be stressful for even a seasoned chef. But while many of us think to thank the cook for a beautiful meal, we forget to thank the unsung heroes of the holiday – the stove, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave!

There’s a reason for that; when in good repair, you barely acknowledge using these appliances. You flick the stove to medium-heat to sauté and preheat the oven for the turkey without thought for the mechanics behind these appliances, just as you keep the dessert in the fridge until it’s time to dig in and you stack away leftovers in the freezer. But when something does go wrong, you’ll definitely take note of these appliances. If any of these stopped working, it could not only put a wrench in your Thanksgiving Day plans, it could ruin the entire dinner!

To make sure you dinner goes off without a hitch, you need to make sure all of your kitchen appliances pass our expert repair technicians’ test – before you find yourself on the morning of the meal with a raw turkey and an oven that won’t turn on. By ensuring your kitchen receives regularly scheduled maintenance from our professional crew, you can save yourself a lot of stress on the day. Our technicians can assess each appliance well before the date to ensure your kitchen can handle the test of a large Thanksgiving Day meal.

Sometimes, even with preventative maintenance measures, these machines break down, but that shouldn’t mean you have to give up on your plans. If you encounter any problems with your kitchen appliances, you can have a technician arrive at your door to fix it – even on Thanksgiving! Our team of repair technicians are available any time of day, any day of the week. Our 24/7 service policy covers holidays like Thanksgiving, so you and your family can still have a beautiful meal together despite a fluke malfunction.

Having a technician come out to inspect your kitchen appliances before your holiday meal is a great way to avoid preventable problems from upsetting your meal. When you have our number, you can even call us on the day, should any of your household appliances stop working. So get in touch and let us help you prepare for a great holiday this Thanksgiving.