Get Your Dishwasher To Run Like It’s Brand New Again

We know the dishwasher to be the mainstay of most modern kitchens, for the amount of time it can free up for those with hectic schedules. Nothing beats loading your dishwasher after a large family meal, turning it on, and walking away from the kitchen. Those days that you had to don your yellow gloves, fill the sink with soapy water, and argue about who will dry the dishes you’ve washed are gone. For most of us, those are considered the dark days when household chores ate into your precious free time. Now that you’ve seen the light, you can’t imagine going back to hand washing every pot, pan, and plate.

Sadly, when dishwashers are ignored, they can quickly malfunction or break down completely, forcing you back to your kitchen sinks. To make sure your dishwasher can lead a long, industrious life inside of your kitchen, our dishwasher repair technicians encourage you treat your appliance with a lot of care. By following their simple tips, you can keep your dishwasher running like it is brand new regardless of its age.

You’ll be doing your appliance a favour if you make sure to scrape your dishes before you load them into the machine. While you don’t have to pre-wash your dishes before the dishwasher takes a stab at them, simply rinsing them sometimes isn’t enough. You need to scrape or wipe off stubborn pieces of food from your pans, plates, and cutlery. Not only will this guarantee dishes will be completely clean after a single load (without necessitating a second go-around and putting strain on your machine), it will reduce the amount of food particles that can eventually clog the appliance.

Taking care of the way you load your machine is another way you can prolong its life. We know after a particularly large family meal it’s tempting to pack every dish into the machine just to avoid handwashing the leftovers, but it’s not worth it. You shouldn’t be loading it to its capacity every time you do a load of dishes. You’ll find that an overloaded dishwasher will result in your dishes coming out dirty. Rather than putting your appliance through another cycle to wash the same set of plates twice, it’s easier on your dishwasher to load it properly in batches that leave you scrubbing the remaining pot or two if necessary.

Using the correct cycle after you’ve loaded your dishwasher properly will also help your appliance in the long run. For those homeowners mindful of their energy usage and budget, it might seem like a good idea to limit the length of the washing cycle to reduce the amount of electricity and water used. Ultimately, this will only hurt your machine, as you’ll be forcing it to do more loads when you see the slimy residue coating your dishware. Be sure to first start the machine with the hottest water possible and then choose the appropriate washing cycle for the dishes.

Unfortunately, like any complex piece of machinery, time is your dishwasher’s worst enemy. Eventually, even the best maintained dishwasher will lose its cleaning efficiency. When your dishwasher is starting to lose its special touch, it’s time that you call in the professionals. Our experienced team of appliance repair technicians can perform routine maintenance or outright repairs on any make and model of dishwasher. They’re also available in case a middle-of-the-night emergency requires you to make a call, as our team is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Whether it’s an urgent call regarding a backup or a scheduled appointment on routine maintenance, our technicians will arrive promptly, with a friendly smile, the right tools, and the licensed skills to make any repair.

For any busy family, the dishwasher is a priceless convenience that lets you do things you actually want instead of wasting your evenings washing up after dinner. Keep your dishwasher in the best shape by following our simple tips, but don’t hesitate to speak with one of representatives should anything go wrong with your machine.