Furnaces Vs. Boilers: What’s Right For You?

If you live anywhere in the northern hemisphere, then during the winter months your heating system is probably the most important tool in your life. While some people may take heating for granted and never think twice about it, we like to encourage our clients to take an active interest in the technology that keeps them warm in winter. Human civilization is built on our ability to survive in inhospitable climates and conditions, so be proud of the heating system in your home – it’s a symbol of homo sapiens’ enduring spirit!

Furnaces Vs. Boilers- What's Right For You?  IMAGE

Whether you have central heating, radiators and baseboards, or a patchwork of heaters and a lot of warm sweaters, there is always a way to optimize heat efficiency in your home. An important question that you should ask yourself is: what kind of heat do I find most comfortable? Some may think this is a silly question, but this post will show that it is actually a very relevant question. As appliance repair experts working in Toronto, we’ve seen all kinds of different furnaces, stoves and heating appliances and we can tell you that they all produce heat through different methods with different overall effects to your household.

Furnace (Central Heating): Multipurpose & Convenient

Central air is extremely convenient because it can produce cold air as well as hot air, which means you don’t have to mess around with two separate apparatuses depending on the season. If you have money to spare and don’t particularly care about efficiency, you can crank up the heat all winter and enjoy your cozy abode. However, for maximum efficiency (not to mention overall lifespan) of your appliance, you should turn it down if everyone’s out for the day, or if you’re going on vacation.

At we live in an increasingly technological world connected by wireless connection, you will also be able to trigger your furnace remotely; even if you leave it on low while you’re at work, this will allow you to return home to a toasty house!

If you moved into an old house with a rusty “vintage” furnace, you may need to get in touch with our appliance experts about bringing it up to speed. If, on the other hand you have a shiny, fancy, new furnace that is energy efficient, you can probably get by with an inspection once in a while. Another issue is that of cleanliness in the actual ducts; if you or your children have allergies or are sensitive to dust, you may be better off with a boiler.

Boilers: A Steam Dream for Some

While central air can be drafty, dry and sometimes dusty, boilers heat a home by heating water and using the steam power to heath through baseboards and radiators. This creates a steady, clean, moist heat that is completely different in nature from the heat delivered by a gas or electric powered furnace. There is an old fashioned charm to boiler that cannot be denied, and as fans of appliances from the past, we must admit there is something admirable and comfortable about home that is heated by a boiler.

When you need an appliance repair in Toronto or the GTA, we hope you’ll call us first. We value your business and will always do our utmost to provide the best service for the best possible price. Thanks for reading, and check back next month for more tips!