Four Winter Tips For Your Household

Everybody knows about spring cleaning, but does anybody think about winter cleaning? Here in Canada, when we batten down the hatches and turn on our heaters for the winter, we’re usually preoccupied with work, getting the kids to school and battling seasonal affective disorder as the days grow quite short. However, as we shut ourselves in for the winter, we should also take into account the fact that with less ventilation, any dust and debris that accrues will stick around and proliferate if it is not dealt with.

There are several crucial spots where the buildup of dust and dirt can be catastrophic. At Toronto Refrigeration here in the GTA, we often see exhaust pipes from dryers and the hoods of ranges that are blocked up by gunk, debris or even live animals! When our skilled technicians come by, they can repair your appliances and give these areas a good clean, but it’s also prudent to learn to clean them yourself so that your home stays clean and functional 365 days a year.

In this post, we’ll explore four ways to keep your household running smoothly through the winter:

  1. Start With a Big Clean 

The start of winter often finds a fierce lethargy descending upon the population, but don’t let this stop you from running a respectable home. Corral your family into helping you clean out every nook and cranny of the house, even (and especially) behind appliances, in closets and in ventilation shafts as well. Transitioning into winter with a clean home will put everyone in a good mood and help to ensure that your appliances are in good working condition.

  1. Clean Out Those Ducts 

Whether you give us a call to come inspect your oven, dishwasher, furnace or oven, or you elect to perform an inspection yourself, make sure that your ventilation openings are clear and clean. The downside to to having blocked vents in the winter is that certain odours will become prevalent in you home, as well as general pollution in the air. Furthermore, always make sure that your lint trap is free of buildup, otherwise you run the risk of a small – or big – fire, which is certainly not what you want.

  1. Unplug The Appliances That Live in the Garage 

If you have an extra fridge of washer/ dryer that you keep in the garage, you run the risk of damaging them severely by running them in cold weather. The drain systems and inlet in your washing machine can freeze in the washing machine and the thin copper tubing in your fridge could expand and crack. Simply unplug these appliances for the winter, or, alternatively, install better insulation in your garage.

  1. Look Out for Wildlife

We fix your stuff when it breaks, but if you experience a raccoon invasion, you’d best call pest control or an exterminator. In the winter, birds and all sorts of mammals seek refuge from the cold. They can create waste in your home, chew through all sorts of materials and generally wreak havoc. Animal proof your home as best you can – worst case scenario, we can refer you to a trustworthy pest control service.