Four Creative Ways To Keep Your House Warm

Here at Toronto Refrigeration in the GTA, we know the value of efficient heating. While we are constantly driven to push the limits of performance in older furnaces and boilers, we also like to think about creative options for keeping your home warm in the winter in creative ways to save you money and take some of the strain off of your heating appliances. In this month’s post, we’ll outline several methods for preserving heat in your household, since the colder weather will be descending upon us very soon.

First, however, we’d also like to stress the fundamental importance of ensuring that your furnace is running efficiently. While we do provide a value added service to lengthen the life span of your appliances and make sure you get the most out of them, we also understand that all appliances must eventually be replaced. If your boiler is more than ten years old, for example, it would be prudent to replace it with an A-rated condensing boiler. The most efficient boiler can save you almost $500 a month against an older model, and if it’s new there is a much better chance you won’t need to get it repaired. In the event that your boiler does break on a cold day, keep in mind that we offer fast appliance repair services in Toronto and the surrounding areas.


Without further ado, here are some methods for preserving heat in your home:

  1. Close/ Open Your Curtains Depending on The Time of Day: It’s a simple strategy, but often people forget. In the morning, when the sunlight is streaming through your windows, let it into your home to warm your space! You home will absorb this heat and also, the light will produce a positive atmosphere in your home. Just remember to close your curtains once the sun is down in order to insulate your home from the cold outside. 
  2. Block Out All the Draughts: Once winter hits, it’s time to shut those windows and keep them shut. You can buy self adhesive rubber pads, or draught excluders designed explicitly for the job if you want. Alternately, you could turn it into a fun arts and crafts project and design a fun draught excluder with your kids inspired by their favourite animal. 
  3. Move Your Furniture Away From Vents/ Radiators: This is another one that you might not think about, but it is perfectly logical. If you have blinds, couches or drying clothes close to your vents and radiators, they will absorb the brunt of the heat that should be going towards maintaining the temperature of your home. Once it gets cold, you may want to mix up the Feng Shui of your living room to guarantee that the heat is flowing properly through your space.
  4. Use a Timer: By setting a timer and allowing your home to slowly heat up in the morning, you will use less energy. If you have a newer smart-heater, then you can control it remotely via an Internet of Things (IOT) solution. Gradually transitioning heat levels is always better.


So there you have, several great ways to increase efficiency. If your heater fails you this winter, we’re here to help you get it fixed. Otherwise, good luck weathering the cold!