Four Classic Tips For Your Home Appliances

Here at Toronto Refrigeration, we are obsessed with providing top-tier, value-added service for your many home appliances. Running a busy household requires an immense amount of co-ordination and experience – and also for all of your equipment to function properly. Savvy consumers have learned over the years that the first and best option when something breaks is not to immediately call the repair-man (or woman) or to rush out and buy a brand new unit. In our estimation, the first best option is to see if you can fix it yourself with good old fashioned determination and elbow grease; second best is to call your friendly neighbourhood appliance repair services (that’s us); and finally, the last option is to go and purchase a new unit. We believe that in this day and age, you should be able to acquire appliances that are durable and provide many good years of service before they are retired.

Hence, once again we’re here to offer up a few classic tips for maintaining your household appliances and getting the most out of them. Remember: by following these tips you’ll save on your monthly budget. If it gets to the point that you need to reach us for refrigerator repair services, so be it. But don’t just rush out and buy a new unit, you’re throwing good money away!

Make sure your oven closes properly

If your oven door doesn’t form a proper seal, there will be two primary negative effects: for one thing, your food won’t cook evenly. When you have the in-laws over and you’re trying to impress them with a beautiful casserole, they’re going to be none-too-happy when it’s burnt on one side and raw on the other. The other negative effect is that you’ll lose heat and use more energy than you normally would. This may be okay when you’re looking for extra heat in the winter, but you don’t want your oven doing battle with the central air in the summer time!

Make sure to keep your air conditioner’s filter clean

Cleaning your A/C’s filter regularly will help it keep your house cool and use less power. Not only that, but this is also incredibly easy to do. Just pop the filter out, give it a rinse with cleaner, a rinse with regular water and leave it to dry. You’ll be glad you did! Beyond a dirty filter, these machines do break down from time to time; if we’re in the middle of a heat wave and you require air conditioner repairs – you know who to call.

Lint in the dryer exhaust

Not only does this hinder your dryer from performing at the height of its abilities, it’s also a fire hazard! If you want clean, dry clothes quick, be sure to clear the lint as often as you can remember, especially if you run it often.

Check your washing machine hose to see if it’s leaking

While you’re clearing the lint from the dryer, take a quick glance at your washing machine hose to see if it’s leaking! Minor leaks are difficult to detect sometimes, but a minor leak can quickly turn into a serious flood of water all over your laundry room! Hoses can be patched and typically you’ll want to replace them every five years.