February Is The Month To Love Your Appliances

With February as the month of love, most Canadians take Valentine’s Day as an excuse to shower their objects of affection with elaborate gifts. From diamond encrusted jewellery to a special night out on the town, there are plenty of ways to show your sweetheart you care. But your partner in crime isn’t the only one who needs a little attention this month. As the backbone of your home, the appliances that make up your house deserve some love, too.

We aren’t talking about delivering a dozen roses to your furnace or serenading your fridge with sweet nothings. These home appliances would better appreciate gifts that are practical in nature — like a regular cleaning schedule and routine check-ups from the pros. Combine these two tasks together to make the ultimate gift basket and you’ll keep all of your appliances happy for months to come.

Why Cleaning is Important

For our regular readers, it’s no secret we’re huge proponents of clean and clutter-free appliances. We’re constantly sharing our latest cleaning techniques for major appliances. That’s because dirt can do harm to both these machines and your wallet. When an appliance’s filters, valves, or coils are covered in dirt or debris, they end up having to work harder in order to operate. By removing dust or grime from these machines, you can ensure they’re working at their top efficiency. This will help elongate their lifespan and save you on energy costs.

Why You Should Save Our Number

We make sure our repair technicians are available 24/7 so we’re always around in case an emergency breakdown in the middle of the night has you stressing, but we suggest giving us call before this ever happens. When our technicians carry out routine assessments, they can catch minor issues before they evolve into a real problem. A preventative check-up can even avert these midnight disasters entirely.

Our crew completes thorough inspections of every major appliance, regardless of brand or model, and they’ll apply efficient and cost-effective repairs in order to fix them. We pride ourselves in transparent and friendly service, so you’ll never be surprised by the cost of our work. Our technicians deliver a complete invoice of their time and parts before they ever pick up a tool. This is just one way we help you save money on your maintenance costs. You’ll never be blindsided by an inflated invoice because the job took longer than we thought!

If February is too busy for your family — don’t worry. We’re available to lend a helping hand at any time of the year. We may just want to book us in preparation of your annual spring cleaning. If Wiarton Willie is to be believed, we can expect an early end to the winter — which means the spring will be here faster than you think. We can make sure your household appliances are ready for another year of hard work while you tackle the other items on your chore list.

Taking the time to both clean and assess your appliances is the best way to keep them running efficiently for longer. So pick up the phone when you get the time and make sure to schedule a visit with one of our team.